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8/6/2008 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unless she just got vitiligo -- L' Oreal has some serious splaining to do about its bleached out Beyonce ad!

The ad features a severely Photoshopped Beyonce -- almost unrecognizable. So the question ...


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83. For comments 34,35 and 37

You are racist pigs. I am a black woman and I am proud of my
heritage. You can't say honestly that all blacks want to be white. I
guess I can say all white woman want to be black because they lie in
the sun trying to get what we naturally have (beautiful brown skin)
The only difference is 5 to 10 yrs later they look like prunes and we
still have our beauty.
oh yeah if the sun does not work, you have spray on tans, tanning
bedding. Why not just be yourself.

I don't hear you calling out the racist black b*tches on here though.
Maybe its time that black people admit that they have more hang ups
about there own skin color than anyone else. Seriously, white people
have better things to do.

2213 days ago


That's right TMS - turn lighting and photo shop into a race issue. How clever. You can tell Britney and Paris have been keeping their clothes on since you obviously have nothing better to do than try and start a race riot over a photograph... Sheesh... you guys are just sick

2213 days ago


Please, like Beyonce has ever been as dark as she is in that first pic. Both are photoshopped.

2213 days ago


#69 JADA PINKET SMITH IS NOT MIXED!!!!!!!!!! Damn, White AND Stupid all at once!!!

2213 days ago


It is always about racism now adays, give me a freaking break. Not all whites are racist! I think that more blacks are racist to whites. People need to stop freaking out about how whites are racist b/c it is way overplayed. Plus, it was a freking photoshop error that they made trying to lighten her hair. I am sure that they did not notice that it whitened her too.

2213 days ago


95. The sad part is that TMZ, not black people asked whether or not this ad was offensive, but black people are being blamed for it. Black people come in all shades and their hair also comes in differnt colors and textures. The racism that came out in this post is disgusting. The comments on black people having nappy hair and ugly charred black skin and wanting secretly to be black shows how uncomfortable the posters must be with themselves...why else would you feel the need to attack a beautiful race of people who are not even angry with this stupid ad. Do we say white women want to be black when they tan or dye their hair darker colors? Or are they trying to be more white when they dye their hair blonde? Heck no! It's a double standard.TMZ , you must like pissing people off, becasue that is all you manage to do when YOU not BLACKS pull the race card. Black people are beautiful and proud of their heritiage. A few exceptions to the rule who may choose to change their hair or skin color do not constitute dis-respecting or stereotyping the entire race. Start commenting on the topic of the post not your personal vendettas or horribly negative and incorrect opinons or feelings towards black people.

Once again, another poster only whining about the racist white people on here but failing to mention that more than half the racist comments on here are from BLACK people. And some of them are putting down their own race for being lighter skin. So give me an f*cking break.

2213 days ago

john wayne gacy    

what's all the fuss about ?

this project ho is GREEN;

why else would any woman be
with that pitiful looking brother.

it's ALL about getting PAID !!!!

2213 days ago


Hey JAMIE, thought white people had better things to do... yet you still here whinning! Dumb-ass!!
I await a stupid reply because i'm sure you either gonna say u don't have "the time"...better yet u might not reply at all, don't dissapoint me cos we all know you're wack!!!lol white folk ....

2213 days ago

john wayne gacy    


why are you getting all
tight around the collar ?

you need to loosen up &
TRY taking a load off.

just hang out for awhile
BOY and enjoy the view.........

2213 days ago


Somewhat on topic, Architectural Digest just sent out an insert on fashion called Fashion Rocks. Inside is a photo of Mariah Carey photographed by Steven Meisel that makes her look positively Swede. The photo is b&w, but the lighting makes her features look Caucasian. I realize that she is part Caucasian, but this woman did not look anything like Mariah Carey. Her exotic features were muted in profile. I don't know why any photographer would want to downplay either Mariah or Beyonce's color. Beyonce looks gorgeous in the original photo and terrible in the Loreal photo.

2213 days ago

Your name:    

Everything these days is a "slap to the blacks" so who really cares?

2213 days ago


There are some ugly racist comments from white people on this board, and equally some ugly racist comments from blacks. Yes, there are black people who apparently want to look whiter, don't like their hair, etc., wear weaves, straighten their hair - It's obvious. Then on the other hand there are always some black women saying that white women want to look blacker. Who does? Getting a "tan" does not equate to wanting to be black, and some women don't tan at all and love their very white skin and THEIR EUROPEAN HERITAGE. I might add that they "age" beautifully, with barely a wrinkle. And wanting to dance well or having a natural talent for dancing is inherently black? How Ignorant!!! Have you seen The River Dance? Listened to the Celtic Women? Tell me all these people are trying to be blacker? There are obviously a lot of people who are not happy with the way they look, but I'd say there are more black people trying to look white than the other way around!

2213 days ago

OBAMA 08    

#100 No Beynce is not mixed

2213 days ago


Its completely wrong to say that Beyonce wants to look White. Like so many celebrities, there needs to be stronger limits set on what they, Beyonce included, are willing to do for money..Its not just skin lightening..its blacks in the media altogether.. images of us just aren't positive. Additionally, don't blame anything on TMZ because we are the ones with the internalized hatred and its not a good look!!

2213 days ago

fired up    

In response to yep i said it: what is the reasoning behind whites tanning?? All my friends who do always do it because they don't want to look pale and think it is ugly to look pale.
Also it is true the blacks do change color I do all the time especially during soccer season but trust me this isn't the same thing at all. First if all the picture to the left is already a lighten picture of Beyonce. I have seen her up close in person and shes not that light. It is a drastic difference and it wouldnt be the first time a company has photoshoped someone to make them look different whether its darker or lighter. Either way its is a disgrace and discriminatory against skin tones.

Just like make up companies always have 20 different shades of tan beige whatever... but for blacks only have a max of two and even then the darkest color isnt that dark at all. And then you have brands like the queen collection which fool blacks into thinking that its make up for us. Has anyone ever seen that collection its the exact same as the other makeup the pigments all look the same to me.

Lastly its ironic because that is not Beyonce's hair at all so why is she doing Loreal commercials when she clearly wears wigs.

2213 days ago
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