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Even the Jonas Bros. Forget Archuleta Exists

8/7/2008 2:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Archuleta, Jonas BrothersIt's hard to tell the Jonas Brothers apart sometimes, but here's a hint: David Archuleta isn't one of them.

Kevin, Joe and Nick were so happy about their Teen Choice Awards victories, they blogged about it on their MySpace page. They were particularly jazzed about their win for Most Fanatical Fans. The only problem is they didn't win that award -- David Archuleta did.

Don't take away the one thing he's won!


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Vanessa Simpson    

David is a CLASS ACT. He is not in the same league as the JB's. This will become crystal clear as this year unfolds. He is a breath of fresh air in an industry dominated by too many young people who have lotsa style - but no substance. Cream always rises to the top, and that's where he is headed.

2232 days ago


#2 LMAO at you!!!! Miley is nothing but a fast talking fast moving non are too funny and that other one too. I can't even understand what she says because her mouth moves so fast it isn't funny. I read in several articles that Miley has a crush on David Archuleta and everyone else in the world that wears pants. LMAO

2232 days ago


David Archuleta is an incredible young man who is going to go really far. He has an incredible voice, and of course amazing fans... go David : )

2232 days ago


archuleta won.
the jobros made a mistake.
it's so funny because on their myspace page, they were most proud of their 'most fanatical fans' award.. AND THEY DIDN'T EVEN WIN IT!


2232 days ago


THANK GOD ARCHULETA is not of the JONAS BROTHERS. He definitely has more fans than those tight pants boys who only impress the TEENS.

ARCHULETA has already in a very short time not only mastered the teen market but OLDER FANS. He is here to stay.
CRUSH his new single is AMAZING and I am 45 years old.

JONAS BROTHERS and MILEY are just for the little teens, the rest of the WORLD LOVES ARCHULETA.

2232 days ago


Obviously the Jonas Bros needs a new handler,,,they don't even know what awards they won. It apparant their l5 minutes of fame might be running out...nervous just a little, a newcomer in the wings. Don't worry, David Archuleta is way above anything they have done. He actually can sing.

2232 days ago


Just think, a little over a year ago David Archuleta was virtually a "nobody". But today he is being compared with the JBs not only here, but in other polls. Just the fact that David won the "most fanatic fans" for TCA is, of itself, is a major feat especially concerning that all the others in his category have achieved superstardom: Jess McCartney, Brittney Spears, and the JBs. Who is David Archuleta? Only the guy who is being mentioned in that same breath as the JBs. And remember, it's the little foxes that destroy the vines, I have complete confidence that this David will also conqure his giants.

2232 days ago

Thalia B    


You can say what you want about the Jonas Brothers and David Archuleta. I like all of them. The Jonas Brothers are cute and popular. David A is phemonal and his star is just starting to rise, he will be around for a long time. Look at it like this, it might have been an oversight but David A was the one that stopped the JB from taking home all 7 awards that they were nominated for.

2232 days ago


gahh, this is gay. david got nominated for one thing, and he won! at least he has talent unlike the brothers who call them self a "band".

2232 days ago


After watching the TCA for the first time ever because of Archuleta, I can't help but feel that Archie and Cookie are of a different league from Miley and JB. They are talented and CAN SING and Archuleta will be around for a long, long time.

2232 days ago


The fans learned their lesson with AI. They're no longer resting on their laurels, taking for granted that Archuleta's going to pull everything off. It's become a voting frenzy now. No more 'runner up' titles for him!!!

2232 days ago



2232 days ago


David did win Most Fanatic Fans award. He thanked his fans for all their support and their votes. David, The Jonas Brothers and Miley Cirus are completely different artists. JB and Miley are two of the same. David is unique and has so much more to offer. I am not taking anything away from the other two, they are great with what they do, but they definately are limited in what they do. David on the other hand, can sing all different type songs, ballads, R & B, pop, love songs, whatever, and he brings on his A game every time. His voice is angelic and has such a wide range, he can do anything. David is a force to be reckoned with and is taking the world by storm. Davidmania is happening, and there is no stopping him. The TCA is just a start for him as far as him winning awards. Grammy's are definately in his future. I just dont see with the type artists JB and Miley are, they will be nominated for Grammy's. Like I said, they are great with the teens and pre teens, but David has a widespread fan base of all ages. So, stop knocking him and really listen to his music, especially his new single, Crush, its simply beautiful and racing to #1, and watch and see when his CD comes out, it will break all records. Go Archuleta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2232 days ago

Angel of Mine    

So David stripped the Jonas Brothers of taking home all 7 awards? Way to go David. There's so much more in store for this kid who is the best singer of American Idol Season 7.

2232 days ago


I watch TMZ almost everyday. You're usually very funny.

I hope you warm up to David Archuleta b/c he's a huge talent and he's gonna be around a long time.

Check out "Cruah"...all the DJ's are diggin' it.


2232 days ago
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