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Club Murder: Rahman, On Roof, With Lead Pipe

8/7/2008 8:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NYPD says Syed Rahman, an employee at Spotlight Live, has confessed to killing Ingrid Rivera during Lil' Kim's birthday party.

According to police, the 24-year-old Rahman admitted to hitting Rivera on the back of the head with a lead pipe around 2:45 AM Monday morning.

Here's what cops say went down.

Police say Rivera, a huge Lil' Kim fan, paid to attend the event -- and even brought the rap diva a bouquet of flowers. According to cops, she and a friend chatted up Rahman while drinking at the bar. At one point in the evening, Rivera was kicked out of the club for accidentally walking into the men's room. At the same time, according to Rivera's friend, Rahman coaxed the friend up onto the roof by claiming Rivera was there -- that's when the friend alleges Rahman came on to her. When she blew him off, she says Rahman found Rivera outside and "told her he could get her back in."

Cops say Rahman took Rivera through the employee entrance, up to the roof in a service elevator and that's when he hit her over the head with a lead pipe inside a utility shed. She was killed instantly.

Rahman worked at the club for four years and has no criminal record.

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No Avatar

Know She Didn't    

This is ALL wrong. Lil Kim can't even throw a party without a felony!

2268 days ago

pop eye    

Why do people confess to this crap. Keep your mouth completely shut. Zip it, immediately. The burden of proof is on them, not you. Whether you are guilty or not, keep your damn mouth shut.

2268 days ago


This story is almost as sad as the comments left here. You people are pathetic

2268 days ago


To Karen,,,,Wow,,i am speechless and like Alia posted Karma,,,,,just know I will pray for you,,i feel so sorry for you.

2268 days ago


WOW! I cannot believe some people are so angry in life and hate themselves and others so much, they spew such venom about a innocent girl being clubbed to death?? Are you serious?? This is NOT my home, this life if preparation for eternity. Some people need God way more than they think they do...they might be less hateful and more kind. Those who have been forgiven much, love much.

2268 days ago


Tmz, your reference to a children's game is shameless, and BRILLIANT!

2268 days ago


Karen you are a crazy psycho! You have some serious issues and you should seek some psychological help! You are the reason why our society is so screwed up. Like Alia says, karma is a bitch and your nasty words will come bite you in the ass if they have not already. Good luck with your hate filled, pathetic existence!

2268 days ago


What is wrong with this world? He gets shot down by the friend so he decides to kill her. I also feel sorry for the girl Karen that left a comment. Just because the girl is of a different race and not white doesn't mean that all of that crap she said is true it is a stereotype. You are a pathetic human being and you should not judge people you don't even know. Noone deserves to die for no reason.

2268 days ago


Hey, Karen. What the f**k gives you the right to judge anyone. Just remember what Alia said, "Karma is a bitch, and you should really watch what you say, before it happens to you..." Everyone wonders why this country is going to hell. It's because of people like you and that F'd up sh**head that did this to her. Grow up & learn to show some respect.

2268 days ago


This is so sad. This poor little girl just wanted to have a fun night out. I still don't understand why this animal killed her.

2268 days ago

Justin is Calling    

Why do I get the feeling John Edwards is behind all this?

2268 days ago


the one who posted as number 2 is a complete jackass. although we have the right to say what we want, that does not mean to be a complete fool by posting that type of response, especially when someone was brutally murdered you idiot. if that's how you feel, then don't post. did you think you were going to get a laugh out of everybody who read your stupid ass post? grow the hell up. why even postit? You are an ass!

2268 days ago

David Underwood    

Go figure there would be violence connected with a rapper. In the past you used to have talent to make a name for yourself.. these days you just need a gun and a bad attitude.

2268 days ago


she seems like she enjoyed life...was thoughtful enough to bring someone she did not know flowers...trusting enough to follow blindly...ultimatley causing her demise...and probably an all around good person...poor or not...thats a subjective presumption...but no one should take pleasure in a brutal death...not a website that sensationalizes it...and gives a forum to bigots and rasicts by posting and not deleting there crap...they are just as guilty....and speaks volumes about the folks at tmz...and i know they are loving prayers to her and her family...and god help us all....we are in the midst of cultural suicide...

2268 days ago

Princess Ali Baba    

This is very sad indeed, a poor woman goes to a club and finds murder. How can anyone say anything negative about this. The comments posted here are so depressing, are all you people out there so desensitized that you can no longer feel?
Well, with all the violence in this world, I can almost see why. UFC used to be illegal, until people demanded it was entertainment. How sad is that? We are going back to the Gladiator days.. and that's not good. How sick of a society we have become.

2268 days ago
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