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Lawsuit: "Swing Vote" Was MY Piece of Garbage!

8/7/2008 7:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In what may be considered the worst career move ever, a screenwriter is actually claiming responsibility for writing the Kevin Costner clunker "Swing Vote" -- and get this, he's now filed a Federal lawsuit claiming a whole mess of people, including Disney, Touchstone, Kelsey Grammer and Costner all ripped his idea!

In the suit, filed today in the U.S. District Court in NY, Bradley Blakeman -- who is also a political commentator and former Bush staffer -- says in Spring 2006 he gave a copy of his script "Go November" "in confidence" to actor Kelsey Grammer. Blakeman says his movie "involves a unique 'down to the wire' presidential election, hinging on swing voters." Imagine his surprise, Blakeman says, when what he calls the "extraordinarily similar" film "Swing Vote" was released last week. Now he's suing for unspecified damages.

Grammer's rep Stan Rosenfield tells TMZ "I am not sure why Kelsey was even named in this suit. He was an actor who signed on to the project AFTER the script was written. As Gertrude Stein once said of Oakland, 'Once you're there, there's no there there.'"


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every one wants big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

2266 days ago


Kevin Costner needs to start stealing some better scripts. What was the last good movie he made? Something in the late 80's?

2266 days ago


Worst career move ever???? Wow TMZ writer, you're saying that if your script idea was used to make a motion picture and you weren't compensated for it, you'd let it go??? Get real....Then again, that might be tough since you're writing forTMZ.

2266 days ago

Looks like Kelcey is good at this    


Author Staci Robinson is suing The CW, its owners and some producers for $40 million for allegedly stealing the concept of her unpublished novel to create the sitcom "The Game," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The writer claims that in 2001, she had interviewed for a job as a writers assistant at Kelsey Grammer's Gramnet Prods. when she gave a manuscript of her novel to "Game" executive producer Mara Brock Akil. The suit, filed Sept. 14, alleges that the series copies her premise and the characters in the book.

2266 days ago


If you shoplift from a department store, expect to be PROSECUTED, but if a "Hollywood Insider" STEALS from a "Hollywood Outsider", the "Insider" expects to PROFIT! Great standard!

2265 days ago


The real "GARBAGE" is that people should be able to steal from others, and not be compensated for it.

2265 days ago


One's "GARBAGE" is another's "Treasure"!

2265 days ago


This is actually a very good movie -- one of Kevin Costner's best. Go see it if you want a nice genuine comedy.

2265 days ago


The lesson here children is copyright your materials.

2265 days ago


Wow, for one... no one on here has seen the movie and for another Costner produces ALL his movies. He does what he wants in a movie. Some are bad and some are fantastic! TMZ says this was the worst movie... What happened to Water World??? He did a movie called Dragonfly. I suggest people see it. It was a great movie and one of my favorites. You would be blown away. But before you criticize... see the movie and not just go on TMZ.

2265 days ago


The movies sounds stupid so give Bradley Blakeman the credit and send him a bill for the lost money on the movie.

2265 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Yeap, John Tyalor is right ,copyright your sh*t. Also, entertainers DONOT ever accept written material from fans. WHY? Because of lawusits. Ent. NEVER sign autographs legibly? Why do theyscribble scratch /chicken scratch? lawsuits . Do you think they sign their checks, marriage license, pre-nup, contrcts, etc. in chicken scratch? No way! I always say never asks for an autograph. Actually never acknowledge ent. if you should come accross one.

2265 days ago

Did this movie even come out yet? Maybe came and went by the sounds of it. How many more movies does Kevin Costner get to make before someone in Hollywood realizes he's not actually a box office draw anymore? More like box office poison.

2265 days ago

Lana Caine    

More crap from the House of Mouse. They will peddle anything to try to make a buck. Thank God this movie flopped. Sell your Disney stock ASAP!

2265 days ago


The idea of a single voter deciding an election goes back to 1955 in an Isaac Asimov short story "Franchise". Maybe all these writers stole the idea from him. I believe the 1955 story even used the year 2008 as the setting for the plot where a computer chooses a single voter....

2265 days ago
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