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Hayden's Mom -- Forgive and Forget?

8/11/2008 9:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just got video of Alan Panettiere walking with his dog after getting out of the klink, and it looks like he's walking with the wife he's accused of punching. It's not 100%, but it sure looks like her ... and she knows the security code to the building.

Alan told pappers the whole thing "was blown out of proportion." Law enforcement told us Lesley Panettiere called the cops and said her hubby struck her in the cheek with a closed fist around 3:00 AM this morning. Cops arrested him on suspicion of felony spousal abuse. And, we're told, both may have been drinking a lot prior to the incident.

Judging from the video, it seems as if she may be trying to drop the whole matter. Ultimately, authorities have the final word, but without a cooperative victim, these cases are hard to prosecute.


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another example of why people shouldnt drink and act like idiots! when you sober up you realize how foolish you behave while drunk!

2233 days ago


Once a hitter, always a hitter! I hope the judge doesn't let him off easy. He'll just keep repeating (and probably has done this's never a "one time" deal). I hate abusive men!

2233 days ago


Stop wasting taxpayers' money, you drunken losers! Get a real job and quit living in your daughter's shadow. You are NOT stars!

2233 days ago


...good thing she's wearing shades - almost like nothing happened.

2233 days ago


Wow, are these drunks related to Bill Murray and his ex-wife?

2233 days ago


They live in an apartment complex?!

2233 days ago


white trash is as white trash does: Get sloppy drunk while attending an important event for a daughter who also maintains you. Hit on boy-toys in front of your daughter and husband. Hit your woman for disrespecting you. Dismiss the fact that cops had to show up to a domestic battery call and felony charges as "the whole thing being blown out of proportion"

The best think that can happen to Hayden is to get pregnant and return her barefoot butt back to her trailer and live her regular white trash life, otherwise I see lots of therapy and drug use in her future.

2233 days ago



2233 days ago


I feel sorry for their daughter

2233 days ago


The reality on this is this may not be the first time he's hit her. Men who beat and abuse women don't just wake up out of X numbers of years of marriage / relationship and decide to do this. I knew the daughter had "daddy issues" when she started dating the much older co-star. Anyway, they are going to try to play it down to avoid more negative press for Hayden. And sadly, he will beat her again. She's doing what many women do and that's take the abuse and continue to cover it up. Seen it too many times. My former neighbor was getting beat so badly I could hear the him grunt through the walls everytime he hit her. I'm guessing he'd beat her everywhere but the face because I never saw brusing on it. I'd hear her screams and call the cops . She'd tell them everything was fine. It may be wrong of me, but after the third time I didn't bother to call the cops anymore. They weren't married then , and didn't have any children together, and she'd never filed a complaint. To make matters worse , she ended up marring him and having his kid. This type of situation makes it harder on the woman who wants to get out and get away. People who once wanted to help you develop apathy for your situation. I was glad when they moved because I don't want her eventual death on my hands. I didn't want the day he kills her be that day I didn't call the cops. People , if you are in this situation please get the heck out.The outcome can't be any worse than being dead. Remember, this teaches your daughters what to expect from a man, and it teaches your son what to do to a woman. Think about it. Really, just think about it.

***side note , Does TMZ sometimes send your comments through and then sometimes doesn't? Or is it just me?

2233 days ago


I really don't understand why people are referring to her as White Trash and telling her to go back to her trailer. The ignorance/jealousy of people truly amazes me. I could care less about her or her career let alone her parents, but White Trash? Trailer? Hayden grew up very priveledged in an area of the NY Suburbs that is extremely expensive, it is an area for the rich and elite in the entertainment business, those in front of the cameras as well as the people behind the scenes. In case you're wondering, I live nearby so I've got first hand knowledge of what it costs to live around here.

2233 days ago

Macho Man    

Nobody gives a rat's ass about this story. Get back to something interesting like the Hogans.

2233 days ago


I hate when women call the cops on a guy they're just gonna stay with anyway. It kind of reduces the credibility of women who really need and want the help to get out of a bad situation for good. I called the cops once in my whole life. It was because my ex followed me home from my job and would not leave. I even told him I would call the cops, hoping I wouldn't really have to, and he said he would wait for them! When the cops got there, they were all, "You're not just gonna get back with him are you? We hate to do all this paperwork and issue a tresspass warning if you're gonna invite him here and then call us when you get mad again." Guess it happens all the time, and that's one more reason why women aren't taken seriously.

2233 days ago


To Mark:
I think you're missing the point, which is that money cannot buy class. Not even lots and lots of money, unfortunately.

2233 days ago


Why call the cops if your staying?

2233 days ago
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