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H-Wood Hit & Run Driver Collides w/ Victim - Again

8/11/2008 6:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She was left broken and unconscious after an alleged drunk driver cut her down in the middle of the Thirty Mile Zone, but now Lucy Crawford is out of the hospital and taking on the woman who would have fled the scene -- if it weren't for a friend who chased down the car during the most dramatic footage we ever caught on tape.

Bound to a wheelchair and still in a world of pain, Crawford went face to face with the driver Heather Auger in Los Angeles County Superior Court today for a preliminary hearing. The case was continued until September, and while Lucy filled us in on her situation, Auger quickly fled the scene -- again.


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What is DUI?    

I looked back at what her Blood Alcohol level was - 0.08 - definitely DUI. BUT what does that mean? For most 2 beers in the 2 hours preceeding the incident. Have you ever had 2 beers with dinner, at a club, at a party and then drove home? If so, you were probably DUI. Its not DRUNK driving, its driving after having had a couple drinks. I think this is a big issue where most people don't know how little it takes to be DUI. How little it takes to make big f'in mistakes. Running after screwing up is totally lame and chickensh*t.

2272 days ago


The stupid drunk girl shouldn't have been in the street. The SUV wasn't on the sidewalk where the dumbass pedestrian should have been. I hope the driver gets off.

2272 days ago

Jason S    

To What is DUI:

I thought her blood alcohol level was at 0.17 which the legal limit is 0.08

Link to story

2272 days ago


what is DUI:

"UPDATE: The driver of the car -- who sources confirm is the girl we got on camera afterwards -- registered a .17 blood alcohol content. Legal limit in California is .08."

but i'm sure you have a way of excusing that too.

2272 days ago


Heather is obviously NOT taking responsibility for what happened if she is pleading "not guilty". If I were in her shoes, I would feel horrible and not be able to sleep at night or look at myself in the mirror. She should be doing all she can to make up for what she did. I hope she has to pay the medical bills and I hope she gets serious jail time. An "I'm sorry" would be nice too.

2272 days ago


Hit and run at the courthouse too!

2272 days ago

Stop the PC!!!    


Your name says it all

2272 days ago

pattie in cali    

poor girl, i remember this, i hope she gets all she needs, heather, your very sad person, you seem mad, you should be mad at yourself, you hit that poor girl, then you ran, what a real person you are,

2272 days ago


"I looked back at what her Blood Alcohol level was - 0.08 - definitely DUI. BUT what does that mean? For most 2 beers in the 2 hours preceeding the incident. Have you ever had 2 beers with dinner, at a club, at a party and then drove home? If so, you were probably DUI..."

.08 for a girl her size would be slamming 1.5 liters of beer in an hour (or about 4 - 5 glasses). .17 obviously means about double that. She wasn't just drunk, she was hammered off her ass.

There may be felony time here.

2272 days ago


The "legal limit" is just an arbitrary number below which it still can be proven that a person was driving drunk if their behavior confirms it. The field test is especially important in that case, as well as the concrete evidence for why the police became interested in the first place (for example, someone bounced off the fender and is lying crippled on the ground but you didn't notice....) . So you can get a DUI with blood alcohol below the legal limit.

Above the legal limit, the assumption is that you are DUI unless you can prove otherwise. The driver needs to prove non-impairment at that blood alcohol level or that the measuring device was inaccurate. So most people just throw themselves on the mercy of the court above the legal limit. Saves a lot of time for everybody.

But individuals do vary considerably in their reaction to alcohol, also depending on their general condition. Females tend to get drunker faster than males, especially if not eating along with the drinks, although there are exceptions. Body weight is a factor also, so a thin female is more at risk of impairment below the legal limit. A younger person may tolerate alcohol more poorly than an older drinker, the body's past experience with the toxins apparently does often matter.

Of course, if you are not showing any evidence of impairment, the police are unlikely to stop you to check, so you can get away with a blood alcohol level higher than the legal limit if nothing about your driving reveals it.

The "not guilty" plea in this case doesn't make a lot of sense, "No contest" would seem more sensible if she's afraid of outright admitting guilt (with a view toward a future civil suit). The "not guilty" plea is likely to aggravate the judge, considering all the evidence in plain view - it's a time waster, from the court's point of view.

2271 days ago


Did I miss something? Who said Lucy was drunk too? I go out for Sushi with my friends in LA until all hours of the morning but I dont get drunk because I have to drive home! She doesnt have to be drunk because she's out late. And ignore these comments that ask why TMZ is coving this because they arent celebrities. I am SOOO addicted to this story like its a soap opera and I cant wait to see what the judge throws at heather auger!

2267 days ago

sandra summer    

Heather is disgusting and needs to come clean. Please keep us updated.

2241 days ago
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