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Tori Still

Too Big for Britches

8/12/2008 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One would think Tori Spelling would take any paying gig she could get. Think again.

Tori has decided to back out of the new "90210" remake, reports Nikki Finke, and get this -- it's because she isn't getting paid enough. Apparently Tori was offered between $10 and $20 grand per episode, while Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth will be raking in between $35 and $50,000.


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She is right! She is the one of the three that is doing the most right now. Why should she get the least amount of money? Shannen Doherty gets kicked off any series she does for her attitude... she should be the one that gets the least money... Go Tori... you are right!

2262 days ago


GOOD FOR HER!! Don't put her down for wanting what she deserves. Why should the others get more than her? I like Tori Spelling and I'm glad she's sticking to her guns. Tori haters go away!

2262 days ago


Tori should totally be paid the same they are. I think she was right to back out.

2262 days ago


For someone whos billionaire father left her a mere $800,000 in his will, does she have any room to turn down a paying job?

2262 days ago


why should she get less than Shannon! Please! I guess it pays to be a bitch!

2262 days ago


what makes tori think anybody even wants to see her? the only reason she was ever on that show in the first place is because daddy was the producer!!! you won't be missed "donna".

2262 days ago


Good for Tori! She is worth more than both of those girls put together. Don't sell yourself short, Tori!

2262 days ago


I don't blame her - they are all worth the same price in my book.

2262 days ago


I don't blame Tori, after all if it wasn't for her father none of them would have had a job. Throw the girl a bone if not out of respect for her dad!

2262 days ago


Good for Tori!! She is one hard workding woman she deserves to get paid just as much if not more then the other two!! especially Shannon =/ jmho. Go Tori, keep sticking up for yourself and demanding the resepct that you deserve!! Your fans will stand by you 100%!!!!

2262 days ago


Jennie Garth does nothing for me. She is as boring as watching paint dry. Shannen is sort of interesting. Tori would be the real draw for me. She deserves to be paid more than those two for sure. I don't see the reasoning here. Something about Tori has always fascinated me. Without Tori, I'm not the least interested in the show now!! They are fools to let her walk.

2262 days ago

tuna marie    

tori should be grateful to get any paying job, but yeah, she definitely deserves the same money as doherty, who has done nothing in years.

2262 days ago


Is Perez on the TMZ staff now? What's with the hateful attitude. Tori only wants equal pay and she deserves it.

2262 days ago


I never thought I'd ever be saying this, but I agree with Tori on this one. Shannen played just one of many bitches on that show and she was certainly NOT the "best" bitch that show ever had. (That honor goes to T. Thiessen with her super-sexy self). Shannen is nothing more than a rougher around the edges Paris who has been in front of the camera for decades but who has YET to do anything about her jacked up teeth, skin or attitude. I could go another full decade without seeing or hearing from her and everything would be just groovy!

2262 days ago


My 2cents 1. Tori forgot that nepotism is dead along with her father and 2. Maybe she got into an argument with shannen again and decided she couldn't work with her. Either way, Tori should stop being a spoiled brat and take what is offered to her. Also, I don't believe that Jennie and Shannen are making the money that is reported. None of them are alisters; d's or f's maybe but not a's to earn that type of money.

2262 days ago
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