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Jury Sides With God, Pastor's Wife Cleared

8/14/2008 4:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Megachurch preacher's wife Victoria Osteen did not assault a flight attendant over a stain on her first class seat, a civil jury in Texas has ruled.

The jurors rejected Sharon Brown's claims that pastor Joel Osteen's wife caused her mental and physical harm -- even giving her hemorrhoids-- by going off on her on a 2005 flight from Houston to Vail, Colo.

Brown had said Miss Victoria went berserk when a spill on the armrest of her seat wasn't cleaned up quickly enough. Brown said the preacher's wife slammed her against the lavatory door, and elbowed her in the breast as she rushed the cockpit. A jury unanimously decided Brown's story was full of holy baloney and awarded her zilch.

Brown had sued for 10% of Osteen's net worth.


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Fernando Valenzuela    

assuming god exists, why doesn't he tell her to lay off the Botox ?....she looks like The Joker.

2258 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

Double edged sword here. Kinda wishing the preacher's wife would have got a slap down for being such a beotch. But I also can't stand people that use the whole "mental anguish" defense when somebody looks at them wrong. Just shut your pie hole Ms. Bruised Breast and get your lazy @ss back to work. Oh, and by the way AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

2258 days ago


Joel Osteen is NOT a PASTOR ... he's a motivational speaker with a Bible in his hand ... and he's taking your money, you stupid, stupid cult followers!

2258 days ago


I like Joel Osteen but his wife has the look of a psycho - we'lls ee her on SNAPPED in a few years FOR SURE!!!

2258 days ago


Reminder...if the flight is already fully enroute THEY DO NOT STOP TO TAKE YOU OFF THE that doesnt mean she was not acting up....most of these preachers and their wives think they are entitled and DO behave not make the innocent face and smile fool y'all!!

2258 days ago

Bruce Vain    

What are preachers doing flying first class? Makes you wonder about all those collections needed for the Lord's work...

2258 days ago


What a waste of tax payer money!! This is a great example for TORT REFORM. If the loser of this lawsuit had to pay for the cost of the trial instead of the tax payers, do you really believe this idiot flight attendant (Sharon Brown) would have filed this lawsuit and wasted everyone's time?

2258 days ago


That makes me happy! I am so glad that Victoria did not have to pay that lady one single penny.... Sharon did break a couple of commandments however......she need to buy more preparation H.... her hemorrhoids might come back worring about what might happen when she leaves this life!!!

2258 days ago


Holly Hemorrhoids ! This should have never been allowed to go to court!

2258 days ago


She was kicked off the plane. The Osteen's live in my state and they are doing the same sh** that the Word of Faith Church (ruled by Tilton) did. They scammed millions from thier followers.

2258 days ago


Yes, Sharon Brown overexaggerated her damages but Joel and Victoria Osteen are some of world's richest phonies who don't know what it's like to work for a living. They hold their hand out with a big smile and that's how they get their money.

2258 days ago


Y'all need to stop! God has nothing to do with this case! If that is the case then you all are saying God has something to do with the catholic priests molesting little boys...stop already!!

2258 days ago


Victoria sure looks like a tranny... yikes!

2258 days ago


The lawsuit was a scam, but I TOTALLY believe that the wife is a psycho and first class beotch. I am sure she will lose it again. Loons cant help themselves. Also, the church is a money grubbing scam. The both of them should be indicted for fraud. PS: Who is the preacher bangin behind the pulpit when noones lookin? Bet it aint wifey

2258 days ago

Erin about salt in a money AND the world knows she has

2258 days ago
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