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Jury Sides With God, Pastor's Wife Cleared

8/14/2008 4:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Megachurch preacher's wife Victoria Osteen did not assault a flight attendant over a stain on her first class seat, a civil jury in Texas has ruled.

The jurors rejected Sharon Brown's claims that pastor Joel Osteen's wife caused her mental and physical harm -- even giving her hemorrhoids-- by going off on her on a 2005 flight from Houston to Vail, Colo.

Brown had said Miss Victoria went berserk when a spill on the armrest of her seat wasn't cleaned up quickly enough. Brown said the preacher's wife slammed her against the lavatory door, and elbowed her in the breast as she rushed the cockpit. A jury unanimously decided Brown's story was full of holy baloney and awarded her zilch.

Brown had sued for 10% of Osteen's net worth.


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We all know these BIG churches are money making machines.....pastor wears a rolex and drives a rolls royce,.....they are all the same! Scam artists!!!

2227 days ago


regardless who the defendant was the whole case was WRONG. I don't care if she filed suit to Mother was wrong.

2227 days ago


This is such a ridiculous case. That lazy flight attendent saw in her mind an opportunity to get rich quick. Can't stand losers like this.

2227 days ago


Victoria is about as Holy as a palm tree. Phony, phony, phony phony. The truth will come out on her and her phony balony husband one day. Phony, phony, phony, phony.

2227 days ago


I enjoyed seeing Rusty Hardin again!

2227 days ago

Eric in L.A.    

Beside laying off the Botox.... She needs remember to Dye those Botoxed Raised Eyebrows the next time she Dyes her Hair. Scary...

2227 days ago


God is good

2227 days ago


I agree the flight attendant was being ridiculous and greedy, but nevertheless. this couple is as phony as they come...there church is like a cult! congregation gives them 15 - 20% of their earnings each week...what a bunch of losers!!!

2227 days ago


This whole thing was good, except for the money and time wasted at taxpayer expense. We all got to see how first class cons operate (the flight attendant), who was probably insulted and treated badly, but not injured, and the "Gee I'm special" Osteens. I can't bear to watch either of them. They make my physically sick. Maybe Vic will watch herself next time, and learn that even SHE is held accountable for her actions. They are also cons - conning millions of people out of their hard-earned money for their so-called church. She is a beyotch, and he looks like a coyote or a weasel. A false prophet, telling people how to "get rich". The last time I checked, that wasn't the basis for Christianity.

2227 days ago


Good, Good if it had any bit of the truth in the charges-------------the other in first class would have seen it. She was after MONEY.

2227 days ago

jody hokanson    

nothing was wrong wth her , just another person trying to make a quick buck!!!!!!!!!

2227 days ago


With the Airlines down sizing I am sure Brown was looking for her next pay check!

2227 days ago


Well she looks like a crazy im better than you jesus freak! But what ev,,,Im sure she did do something to the lady but the lady should have just told the truth instead of blowing things up sooo much! No wnder the lady got off, hemorrhoids, wtf!

2227 days ago


Although I agree no money should have changed hands.
What was a preachers wife doing in FIRST CLASS, how about coach and donating the price differance to the less fortunate!!!!!!!

2227 days ago


I would just like to say that flying 1st class is not an indication that someone is not a Christian. It doesn't make anyone any less in love with Jesus. And to say or imply that it does makes a person seem judgemental.

As far as her delaying the flight....everyone is human and we all make mistakes. I'm sure that she was taught a very valuable lesson based on this experience.

2227 days ago
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