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Douchebag Skates

8/18/2008 2:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Josh Flagg, the star of "Million Dollar Listing," who preys on dead friends to get listings, will not be prosecuted for allegedly stealing Picasso and Chagall paintings from his clients.

Law enforcement sources tell us the Los Angeles County District Attorney has rejected the felony grand theft case against Flagg on grounds of insufficient evidence. Cops busted Flagg for allegedly stealing wildly expensive paintings from the estates he was handling.


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oh la la Paris is hot    

my goodness he got off? It was all a setup?? I need my smelling sauces pronto! I guess innocent until proven guilty is the way here.. Goodness alive Goodness alive.

I heard about him being involved and on probation for sex in an automobile in public too with some punk in weho boys town. Any truth to this?

So much drama and hatred around this person. My goodness alive...

2220 days ago


I find it odd that, EVERY WEEK, TMZ just happens to have a story about Josh Flag, the night before the newest episode is to air. What's up with that, TMZ??? Harvey... Time to get back to People's Court.

2220 days ago


"That will be a pink jumpsuit you nasty, touchy feely Sheriff Warden"

Josh Flagg on entering Men's Central

2220 days ago


and they thought I was crazy for not trusting the real estate industry, they are like bottom feeders and will do or say anything to fatten themselves up.

2220 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Summers eve, nobody gives away a Picasso or a Chagall. They may not be the equivalent of a Da Vinci or a Van Gogh yet but it's only a matter of time.
What is wrong with the sheriff's department in LA? How could they not find enough evidence when they have it on tape.?

Go Sox

2220 days ago

Ed Scissorhands    

I don't know about this guy, but what about the crime his co-star has? The haircut from hell; I don't think he has ears. Who takes these guys seriously? I

2220 days ago

Bleep Blop    

Only retards in L.A. would ever buy real estate from these morons. I can never tell the gay one from the bi one. The only one that stands out is the one with retarded hair. They're all f*ing jokes. Paris Hilton's father is the only one that would employ these tards. They make her look intelligent.

People in L.A. should do their duty to make fun of and ridicule their neighbors who buy real estate from these jackasses!

2219 days ago


Oh my God! Maybe if the state dropped the charges -- HE DIDN"T DO ANYTHING WRONG! Bravo has done a fabulous job of making a decent person from an upstanding family look terrible with staging and editing! Back off people! You have to have a very small life to be so incredibly judgemental of people you have never met! I am stunned that people make such horrific statements because of jelousy! Keep your chin up Josh! Congratulations that they dropped the charges because they had nothing on you!

2219 days ago


By the way -- TMZ sucks! You are all a bunch of mean spirited jerk offs!! This is the biggest waste of time!!! Poelple get a life stop reading this crap!!

2219 days ago


Josh you are fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rememer.............. The more they run your name down, the more your price goes up!!!!! Make that money honey..............Shalom

2200 days ago

A Fan    

The real estate business is corrupt and competitive. Josh is young, capable, and successful...could he have been set up? He is pretty mature for his age. Chad, who is 30, is self-centered and superficial to the max...his only clients are difficlut overbearing people that overprice their listings - most agents do not even accept overpriced listings! Josh knows what he is doing and he seems to have good ethics in the show - not so sure about Chad's work ethic.

2183 days ago
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