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Sienna Kisses Her Ass Goodbye

8/19/2008 12:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sienna Miller kissed her married boyfriend, Balthazar Getty before heading for LAX, where a pretty accurate papper called her a "homewrecker." She was none too happy, but if the truth fits ...


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yes she is a homewrecker, because mr and mrs getty attended the LA ANTIQUE SHOW OPENING PARTY ON THE 23RD APRIL about three weeks before mr getty lied to his wife and told her he was going to see his mother in germany but went to prague to see miss miller. both equally to blame but as a woman you have the last word which is NO. children are involved here which should have been the first thing they took into consideration, not their homones.. they might be in lust but real love comes with time.

2218 days ago

You're Killing Me Larry    

This is truly shocking stuff. First news that Sienna Miller had to have digitally enhanced pubic hair added for a scene in the upcoming movie "Hippie Hippie Shake" because she apparently couldn't grow a decent 1970s bush. And now this, a smoochie lunch in Malibu! Truly shocking.

2218 days ago

not a whore like all those girls    

the only way she can offended by being called a homewrecker is if it's not true. and based on the pictures, she needs to deal with it.

2218 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

Cya homewreaking ho

2218 days ago


Sienna is total wh0re! She is a selfish, worthless, pathetic excuse for a human being. They're both an embarrassment to the human race! Mr Getty should be horse whipped! He obviously doesn't care about his kids as much as cares about feeding his childish desires. And any protesting to the contrary by him doesn't mean sh*t! ACTIONS speak LOUDER than words!! Actually I'd like to see both of them horse whipped! They are both a couple of reprobates! The children are learning the fine art of selfishness by their worthless puke of a father. Couples like this will continue to prevail as long as these pukes continue to use their brain between the legs instead of their God given one between the ears! Neither one really cares about the kids! I hope the kids mother will REFUSE to let them see that worthless SLUT Sienna! It is her right to protect her children from this morally degenerate skank! Putting the children first would have meant that they would have waited until Getty was divorced! So it's a little too late to start babbling about "Putting the children first" now in the 11Th hour! Those two whores should be placed on a deserted island so neither one can contaminate the children. I hope they both rot in HELL!!

2218 days ago

player hater; game hater    

The older I get, the nicer it is to scroll TMZ and say "who?". So many dipsticks out there in LA. Dipstick chicks, dipstick dudes

2218 days ago


a pair of losers!!

2218 days ago


She is smoking hot. What does his wife look/act like? If she was a troll I'd leave her too.

2218 days ago


Nothing but a whore.

2218 days ago


Smartypants is all for horse-whipping Sienna and B-zar.For what! Two lonely people,,one in the throes of a separation from an unhappy marriage..found each other this Summer and began a beautiful and loving affair in Italy.The pix of Sienna kissing Getty goodbye at the airport is real. Affection like that can't be faked!

2218 days ago


And STAY away! This country feels cleaner already.

2218 days ago


So Shea, I guess it takes one to know one.

2218 days ago


Her Mother DEFENED her in public!!!!!!!!!!!!! What can we expect from her? She has a Mother who thinks every little thing she is doing is adorable.

Her Mother claims that the Getty's were over for months before her daughter hooked up with him.

Guess what my Mother would have said? {probaly like most of ya'll Mothers too}

He is still MARRIED. He has a ton of baggage. He is morally challenged. He has FOUR kids to be worried about. He shouldn't be spending a second with you my dear. There isn't enough time in the day for him to hang all over you when he should be WORKING to support all those kids. If he cheated on his wife he'll cheat on you dumb-a$$......

Well, you get the point. I could go on and on but what for. Sienna knows what is wrong with this picture. Wake up! Gee, your acting jobs are going to just pouring in now.

2218 days ago



Sienna wasn't single when she started up with Balty--she was dating Ryhs Ifans and dropped him as soon as she got this sucker on a hook.

"In the throes of an unhappy marriage" is still a marriage and doing the slappy outside of marriage is still an affair. Besides, only HER friends say it was unhappy. The actual couple themselves have said nada. She needs to back the frick off until this is resolved instead of cavorting about like the camera junkie she is.

Plus--saying it again. SHE'S DONE THIS BEFORE!! Married men turn her on. That's whaque!

So she deserves what she gets. She's making choices, bad ones.

2218 days ago

Princess Ali Baba    

What a disgusting display of LUST. Sienna who is famous for what? Can't recall one film she has been in.
She's a HO and he's the same. Hopefully she goes back to the UK and stays there. No one wants you here
HOMEWRECKER! Another Angelina...

2218 days ago
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