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Damon Dashes from Condo Cash, Says Bank

8/20/2008 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Damon Dash could be homeless in Tribeca -- kinda sorta.

Eastern Savings Bank says the hip-hop mogul owes $78K in mortgage payments for two Tribeca apartments, and is suing Dash to get the jack. According to the lawsuit, he hasn't paid up since January on the combined $7.3 million mortgage.

The suit also points out Dash has had judgments against him for back taxes, both Fed and state, and rent to the building that houses his company.

We contacted his lawyer, but haven't heard back yet.


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2218 days ago

white knight    

How long is it going to take you people to get your act together? I mean, "a fool and his money are easily separated" so the saying goes, but this is ridiculous. Stop buying Bentleys, "bling", and spending 100K at nightclubs........You guys dont have that much money. Bunch of fake broke as shucking and jiving fools.

2218 days ago


damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn consolidate!!!!! before u be sellin coors at nets games.... sad he was the wreckless one.

2218 days ago


This is the reason why our economy is such in bad shape. This guy obviously has the rsources to be approved for the loan. PAY YOUR BILLS DEADBEAT!!!!!!!!!!

2218 days ago

white knight    

This is the face of the sub-prime housing crisis. Anyone want to venture a guess what this $#@^&* put on his Countrywide application in the income section? I bet he showed Mozillo a picture of himself in his rented yacht as proof of his non-existing income. He should be thrown in jail for stupidity and embarrassing his race. I mean 5-10 MM in the bank goes fast when you live like you have 250. Lock em up and throw away the key.

2218 days ago

I don't understand    

When you are living beyond means and nothing is coming in this is what happened. He better find another new artist or Kanye Wesst or another clothing line.

2218 days ago

white knight    

Perhaps he should go to Mr Peeble's store and see what he could get for himself. Peeble's was a master of the distressed sale.

2218 days ago


Who's Damon Dash?

2218 days ago


roseanne barr, amanda beard, joe francis, mickey rourke, george hamilton and mrs. fields, ed mcmahon are also in the same boat with this guy. guess stupidity comes in all colors! in george's case, even jail jumpsuit orange!

2218 days ago


8. Bliss "dum azz", talk about calling the kettle black! Why don't you try public school, it is very apparent your parents made the wrong choice in "home schooling" you. For you illiterate, double wide dwellers, it's "dumb ass". Isn't Kid Rock having a concert?

2218 days ago

white knight    

Hey,stupid is as stupid does, take it easy. Its a shame all those clowns you look up to are all as broke as the guy next door. They rent their houses and cars and wind up sleeping on somebody's couch like your boy Mike Tyson. Save your money losers, your all a bunch or moron's who never should have had any in the 1st place. Ignorant trash.

2218 days ago

Mortgage guru    

Eastern Savings Bank is predominently a BAD CREDIT/NO CREDIT lender known as a "hard money" lender. You go there when you can't get $$$ from ANYONE else. rates are typically in the double digits.
So he is deffinately on the skids-

2218 days ago


He just had a baby with some white girl and you know he's not going to take care of that child. Love them and leave them that's what he does. STUPID FOOL. He needs to grow up and act like a man.

2218 days ago

John C Jackson    

The dude was worth at least 8 figures at one time. All the people saying " who is that" and saying he had no income are idiots. He has done several million dollar deals. But like Ed McMahon, the spending did him in. When your meal ticket leaves, you cant afford to drop millions on things and only wear your socks once before throwing them away and stufflike that.

2218 days ago

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