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Vick from Prison: My Ass Is Getting Broker

8/20/2008 5:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael VickAt one time, not many people could say they made more money than Michael Vick. But now, if you work two hours a day at minimum wage, congrats! You've got the imprisoned QB beat.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Vick has a monthly income of $277.69 -- not including his measly prison paycheck -- while his monthly bills to maintain one of his Virginia homes are listed at $12,225. We're told by someone who can do math good that Vick ain't exactly breakin' even.

Vick filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last month -- and it doesn't look like the extra 12 cents an hour he's making in the pokey is helping.

Note to Brett Favre: Remember when Vick was on the cover of Madden? **cough, curse, cough** Watch your back, dude.


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Pain is too good for this creep.

2258 days ago


Dudes are you guys hitting the bottle or a blunt today??? All of these sick comparisons!! Why on earth would you tie anythng to do with Michael Vick and stick Brett Farve's name with it!! You do know you are talking about one of the greatest QB's (Brett) to ever play the game!! Get a clue guys, your really making yourself look bad!

2258 days ago


Well, what do you expect to happen? He is IN PRISON!!! But dont worry, when he gets out , someone will sign him.. Believe that!! So, he won't be broke for long. Michael Vick is one of the BEST quarterbacks in the NFL despite his legal troubles !!!

2258 days ago


I don't feel sorry for this guy one bit. I hope they let the dogs take care of him when he gets out. I don't care how good of a football player he is. He is still a lowlife for hurting defenseless animals. But payback is a @##$$%.

2258 days ago


It would be awesome if he died in prison. First, he has to be tortured, like he did to those innocent dogs. What a worthless piece of crap.

2258 days ago

Triple Play    

He deserves everything taht he is getting. raising dogs to fight and kill each other is inhumane. Taks a look at any picture of him he always looks evil almost satanic. His broother is a gem too. Can you say irtresponsible parents? I hope that he has a Nice cell Mate

2258 days ago


You know you self-righteous people kill me when it comes to Michael Vick. You call him a lowlife and say he should be locked up and thrown away the key, but yet there are pedophiles, murderers and rapists who weren't as nearly crucified and judged as much as this man has. Animal cruelty is a crime and he is paying for this crime. What about the animal hunters out there that have made a sport out of killing deers, bears and any other wildlife? An animal is an animal. The same ones on here who think that Michael vick is the lowest of the lowest probably are avid hunters. Talk about hypocrisy!! Fact of the matter is that Michael Vick WILL be signed as soon as he is released from prison, if not sooner, so GET OVER IT ALREADY and MOVE ON!! Go sit on an island with PETA and whine about Michael Vick because its not working here!!

2258 days ago


karma is a bitch.

2258 days ago


To #2 (Trina), this guy will be beyond lucky to even get signed onto a minor league once he gets out. And that's a stretch. No NFL franchise would risk the public outcry that result from them signing him, would be boycott city. His only REMOTE hope is to hire an amazing publicist who can stand side by side with him to earn the general public's forgiveness.

I agree with everyone else, he deserves all of this!

2258 days ago

tard in the hood    

hope you die broke

2258 days ago


Vick and Favre are both screwed. Farve had no business becoming a Jet.

2258 days ago


Of course, he has to get the forgiveness from the American people, but how hard is that to do? Seriously, once he does that he will be signed in no time and once they see how he is still one of THE best quarterbacks of all time, his legal troubles will soon be forgotten!! And there you have it.!! Simple.. Hell, if we can forgive a president who has killed thousands of innocent Americans based off of a lie, surely we can forgive him!!

2258 days ago


You cant compare hunting to the ruthless abuse and killing of dogs that are bred to fight to the death. And when they lose the fights they are tortured. A hunter kills its prey quickly and humanely. I couldnt hunt myself, but you cannot compare the two. A person that has no empathy towards helpless animals is only a step away from harming a human being. I hope he comes out penniless. He had it all and blew it all to torture animals. what a jerk!!

2258 days ago

Big Bear    

#6 is exactly right. The jails and prisons are full of subhuman creeps. I have never been in jail or prison nor do I know anyone that has either. I think the new thinking do gooders should back off and let the prison officials deal with these beasts as they need to. Sheriff Joe out west knows how to treat these creeps. Rotten food and live in a tent. The fine sheriff also has chain gangs which do the only kind of work these mindless fools are capable of!!!!

2258 days ago


They is absolutley nothing that is too horrible for this bastard.

2258 days ago
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