Vick from Prison: My Ass Is Getting Broker

8/20/2008 5:48 PM PDT

Vick from Prison: My Ass Is Getting Broker

At one time, not many people could say they made more money than Michael Vick. But now, if you work two hours a day at minimum wage, congrats! You've got the imprisoned QB beat.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Vick has a monthly income of $277.69 -- not including his measly prison paycheck -- while his monthly bills to maintain one of his Virginia homes are listed at $12,225. We're told by someone who can do math good that Vick ain't exactly breakin' even.

Vick filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last month -- and it doesn't look like the extra 12 cents an hour he's making in the pokey is helping.

Note to Brett Favre: Remember when Vick was on the cover of Madden? **cough, curse, cough** Watch your back, dude.