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Daniel Radcliffe -- He Who Must Not Be Bothered

8/21/2008 5:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel Radcliffe must have had some kind of magic stick up his butt the other day in NYC -- because he snubbed a huge group of Potterheads outside the New York Times building. Even Will Smith stops for all his fans!

Might want to try that cloak of invisibility next time.


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Met him at the premiere a year ago.
He doesn't want to stop and say hello because he knows his fans will be severely let down by his awful acne,
that he tries to cover up with lots of make up,
plus he is shorter than you would ever imagine,
plus he gives off a huge lack of confidence vibe...
if he slows down it all comes into focus

2223 days ago


He is a troll.

2223 days ago

who cares    

maybe he had to pee

2223 days ago


ohhh cmon he coulda at least waved!!! daniel nooo don't be like that!

2223 days ago


Maybe he's tired of being pawed on people. It's gotta get tiresome at some point.

2223 days ago


Yeah right.. Once he got naked on stage, he became a "serious actor." Who knows why he blows off his fans... but he comes across as a British snob.

2223 days ago


I'm sorry to say I'd only heard of TMZ when the owner, I think, appeared on Ellen a while ago. He seemed like an intelligent, sensible, fair man, but from watching this clip I see he and TMZ are full of sh*t! I know people who attended this event and Dan bent over backward for his fans signing autographs inside and was even reluctant to leave when his people pulled him away. so because he didn't spend another two hours signing for the group outside and the young woman by his car (placed there, no doubt by TMZ or some other poisonous individual) he's suddenly a jerk? Eat more fiber TMZ, you need a good cleansing!

2223 days ago


After looking at the video, it looks as if he WAS trying to talk but the d-bag with him was just pushing him towards the car. Personally, I love him and think he's a great actor, short with acne and all. Who didn't have acne at 19 people???

2223 days ago


Daniel only comes across as a snob to people that don't have their own lives, knowing TMZ's reputation I am sure this is being presented out of context, if an actor walks by a group of fans and dares not to say hello they get tagged as snobs.

2223 days ago


I have to agree with Dawn... I read a report on this event... and he was kind to all his fans, and answered many questions... just because you caught a minute of him walking quickly passed his fans doesn't make him a snob... Just means like every other celeb who does this.. he was prolly running late for another event... you guys r horrible... you highlight the people you should be keeping off your site like Heidi and her troll of a boyfriend Spencer.. and treat good celebs horribly by putting up nasty things about them... good job

2223 days ago


oh for gods sake, who knows if he was possibly just feeling ill at the time or some other reason. TMZ is full of beeee-yotchez, big-time...oh and everyone who works at TMZ is perfect...all the time they are perfect in their own behavior....did you know that ?! So when does a star get a BREAK, ever ? Never. Maybe he just had to go to the fricking BATHROOM for all anyone knows.

2223 days ago


I was there on Tuesday night for Times Talk. Dan had just spent nearly 90 minutes talking to his fans. He had answered many questions and stayed an extra five minutes to sign autographs. His people quickly ushered him offstage. I think it's quite imposing for TMZ and the fans on the street to expect Dan to take another half hour to stand there and sign more autographs. He's not snobby in the least. He was extremely charming and generous with his time, and there wasn't a question he wouldn't answer. People should be a bit more considerate when approaching a celebrity. Blocking his car is not going to endear you to him.

2223 days ago


I was there that night. He was actually very very graceous to his fans all evening and spent alot of time talking to them inside. I imagine that he had to wait quite a long time to leave before the place cleared out enough. He cant possibly stop and say hello to absolutely everyone!! Give the guy a break! He's a good guy! People kept saying how honored they were to meet him and his reply dont be honored to meet me!! Very humble, very modest.

2223 days ago


WHOA!!!!! That was CLEARLY not Daniel's fault! You can see him smiling at the reporters about to stop but the douchbag behind pushed him to the car and told the reporters to leave him alone. Something that I didn't see Daniel telling him!

2223 days ago


TMZ, don't go the Perez Hilton route, puleezze! Daniel did NOT blow off his fans AT ALL. He was wonderful to them!

2223 days ago
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