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Sienna Miller: Hester Prynne 2.0

8/21/2008 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Get a load of Sienna Miller's London home shortly after vandals spray painted the word "Slut" across it.

No word if Balthazar Getty's wife has been to London recently.


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Ok...but she's not the one with four children running around with someone else instead of being with your wife and your young children. I don't like Sienna either, but it's not fair that she's getting all kinds of backlash and he's barely getting anything.

2066 days ago


SLUT SLUT SLUT haha at least we have it here little harder for his kids to see dont flont it all over the papers is she stupid to and did nt know he was married did i say shes trashy haha

2066 days ago


Hey people, she made her bed now she has to lie in it!!!!

2066 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

TMZ you are responsible for this happening. Your irresponsible childish reporting gave who ever did this the incentive to do this. Some day some crazy is going to murder some one because of some crap you posted.

Arent you proud

2066 days ago


OMFG people, get over it. The skank better get some tough skin, because it's far from over. She should have thought about it before she slept with a married man. He's just as much to blame, she could have said no, and he may have went to someone else. She got involved, knowing she was wrong, knowing they both would hurt his wife & children. But the bitch is so selfish and skanky, she didn't care. That's obvious by the way they flaunted it for all to see. She wasn't crying or upset when the paparazzi was taking pictures, now someone wrote on her house exactly what she is and always has been, and she wants to cry! How does she think his wife & children feel? She helped to destroy and innocent family!!!!!!! Get used to it bitch!!! Homewreckers 101 has begun!!!!!!

2066 days ago


I hope the people that did this can find "wherever" Rielle Hunter is hiding at the moment.

2066 days ago


Give me a break... As if she was the only one partaking in this little affair!! Where is he being held accountable! HE was the married one, not her! Lets grow up here people! And for the people who would actually spray paint a person's home, just to get noticed... GET A JOB!

2066 days ago


Did she hold a gun to his head? HE'S the one who made vows and promises, so HE'S the slut!!

2066 days ago


Sienna's PR team has been planting stories all over the British tabloids, trying to drum up sympathy for her and demonizing Rosetta. Things like:

"Scorned wife plotting revenge", "Rosetta's Mafia behind plot to ruin Sienna's career", etc.

Who deserves sympathy here? The woman whose house has the word 'slut' painted on it, or the woman who is left raising 4 children alone?

2066 days ago

The Cable Guy    

Why is she always getting flak? Because she is a celebrity? No one says anything negative about the married guy she is cheating with. It takes two to tango. He is more at fault than she is. Plus, he has kids. Wise up America.

2066 days ago


I wouldn't be surprised if a pap did the spray painting and then took the picture...

2066 days ago


HAHAHAHA! They should of add SKANK and WHORE also. If you are going to do it do it right! I feel no sympathy for the slut, u get what u deserve bitch!

2066 days ago


Seriously folks? It's not funny at all. If anything, it's the man's fault for cheating in the first place when HE is the one that is married. I'm sure Sienna is not putting any guns to anyone's head so they will cheat on their wife with her! Like they say, "Don't hate the playa-hate the game!" If my husband cheated on me, I'd be blaming him-not the woman-he is more at fault than anyone would be.

2066 days ago


that cracks me up!! hehe!!

2066 days ago


um...she is

2066 days ago
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