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MLK's Kids Learn Nothing is Free

8/22/2008 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Martin Luther King's kids -- the ones he dreamed about -- are really at each other's throats. Can't they all just get along?

Dexter King is swinging back at his brother MLK III and sister Bernice, who already have sued him, claiming MLK III fleeced his dad's estate. In a new countersuit, Dexter alleges Martin III has been milking their dad's Center for Nonviolent Change. Dex says Martin turned a King Center reception into his "own wedding reception" and tools around in the Center's Lincoln Navigator.

Bernice doesn't get off easy: Dexter says she lit a torch on the eternal flame at their father's tomb -- to carry in a march against same-sex marriage. And Dex also says Bernice using the King Center's office space for her own organization -- and isn't paying any rent.

BTW, Dexter has hired Lin Wood -- he's the guy who repped John and Patsy Ramsey. The other Kings couldn't immediately be reached for comment.


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RIDICULOUS CRAP!!! they of all folks need to air it out in private their lives have been monitored since day one . sounds like dex is hatin if he were alive im quite sure he would say gimmie back my navigata !!! lol but at lest they are not using their dad resources in a tasteless manner or for wrong so basically the other bro is hatin fo other reasons. but DOES THIS STORY REALLY MATTER?????????????????????????????? SUING OVA NAVIGATORS AND TORCHES GO FIGHT FO SEAN BELL AND THE OTHERS OUT HERE WHO NEEED HELP REGARDLESS OF RACE!

2253 days ago


Somehow I doubt that MLK thought that his children would shame his legacy in such a manner. The legacy of a hero to the civil rights movement has taken a backseat to petty family squabbles. They were supposed to carry the torch, not use it.

2253 days ago


Shameless.......Sad.........Sick.......Did I mention Shameless?! Such a disgrace to the legacy of a great great man.

2253 days ago


wow, i'm not sure which of these thing i'm more mad about. How money can turn family into strangers or how racist ya'll sound reporting the story.

2253 days ago


Welcome to the jungle!

2253 days ago

Crack is WHACK!!!!!    

This is sad...Dr King is probably rolling over in his grave.

2253 days ago


Martin Luther King was and is one of the men I most admire - to see his children trash his legacy is sickening. Someone other than family members should be handling this Estate -- the sacrifices that Mr and Mrs King made have given ALL OF US rewards in life - every nationality benefited from his stance in this world -- HONOR HIM.

2253 days ago


What a Shame. They all live here in Georgia too........ I just pray they come to their senses. They are a disgrace to their fathers legacy.

2253 days ago

beybey kids    

they waited until their parents to die to make all this mess up.... they are a mess

2253 days ago


I told you this would happen when mrs. king died it wouldn't take them long to start fighting over the money. Just wait till all this kids mlk fathered outside his marriage come crawling for their share. Not such a holy family

2253 days ago


He is suing his sister for marching against same sex marriage with a torch lit at their father's tomb??? How an he sue her over that? The money I understand but it seems to me that it is her right to march in whatever she wants to and that if she lights her torch at MLK's tomb.......well he was her daddy too!

With the above said I want to make clear that I happen to not have a problem with same sex marriage. Who someone decides to marry is none of my business. I just do not think it is right to sue someone for marching for their beliefs, no matter if they carry a torch or not or from wherever they may light it. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech.

2253 days ago

mikki in MI    

TMZ staff you come across as racist. I will not be back.

2253 days ago


The only reason why this story has come to the fore is because they are MLK's children. This kind of behavior, following the death of a parent or parents or any other relative is not unusual. I have personally witnessed a seemingly loving and Christain family suddenly turn into something tha I barely recognized over the assets of a deceased relative. it is shameful, disgraceful and diabolical not matter who the parties are.

2253 days ago

northern gypsy    

i'm not suprised...M.L.K. & MRS were consumed with their misson (thats not a negative)... the kids fell to the wayside...once they passed...$$$ took over...tragic really

2253 days ago



2253 days ago
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