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Sienna Keeps Top On, Married Men Off

8/24/2008 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lucky for Sienna Miller, she can hop on a plane to Ibiza, kick back on a yacht and pretend she's not a "homewrecker" over the whole Balthazar Getty fiasco.

Getty -- a married father of four -- on the other hand...


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I actually felt bad for this skank when Jude Law cheated on her. She's no better than him.. and a no-talent bimbo to boot! I'd never pay to see one of her movies.

2230 days ago


Betcha B-zar will soon join Sienna in Ibiza. Nothing can keep this truly in love couple apart. I wish them all the happiness in the world. The press has been so unnecessarily cruel and nasty. He's separated. She's single. No big deal!

2230 days ago


Looks like someone just farted.

2230 days ago

calling it like i see it    

look it's as simple as this, he was married, he took vows and he broke them. he is the guilty party here. why in hollywood is it always the women who are skanks and homewreckers, and never the married men who cheat. it's a double standard and it's time people step up to the plate and calling out these men as well.

2230 days ago

BOEING 787    

How the Hell did Sienna Miller become such a tabloid queen so fast?

Sienna is now the new "it" girl by the papz now.

2230 days ago


Why, in 2008, are we still applying the tern "homewrecker" to the woman?! Why is SHE the homewrecker and HE isn't?!
He was willing. Sexist, TMZ!

2230 days ago


Well it is a big deal. Do not get married if you have no honor and cannot keep your word. If you think the urge to cheat is too strong for you to handle .... get out of the marriage first and dont wreck your wife's life. Too many peole who do cheat, justify it by saying that the couple were not having a good marriage, when in fact, this can happen in all marriages and what then? Throw it away for the next woman or man? This is called immaturity. Its the classic "all about me and my feelings syndrome"..

2230 days ago


Can you blame her for being a homewrecker? Didn't her ex-husband Jude Law cheat on her with the nanny? She's jaded.

2230 days ago


Excuses, excuses, excuses. So SM was just walking down the street one day, when she suddenly tripped and fell into the bed of the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN? Sienna Miller could have rejected the married man's requests for sex, but she didn't do that at all. Since she slept with the married man knowing full well that he was still married(and not separated like SM, her mother, and "friends" want people to believe), she is as EQUALLY responsible for the affair. SM IS AND WAS HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH A MARRIED MAN, so she is wrong and deserves every bit of criticism. Women who respect themselves or other women don't sleep with someone else's husband. She is not naive or has been overpowered by BG's charm. Writing down the wrong number is a mistake, forgetting to take out the garbage is a mistake, losing your credit card is a major mistake; however, sleeping with a married man(who was not separated despite claims by his mistress and her family/"friends") is not a mistake. It is irresponsible, selfish, immature, and heartless.

No one finds affairs with married men cute or amusing. Just because SM is single, that doesn't mean that she has the right to do whatever she wants. She can't sleep with a married man or spread lies about his marriage/wife. If she does things to hurt others, then she is going to be held accountable for her actions. Women usually avoid married/engaged men with kids, but not SM. Sm needs to feel important about herself so she has to "upstage her competition" at any cost(ie-going topless and allowing married and not separated man to suck and grab her breast ). This is why no feels compassion/sympathy for SM.

Trying to find fault with the married man's wife or marriage is just a method used by the married man and his mistress to justify their actions. If he wasn't happy with his wife or his marriage was "broken", then BG and SM didn't do anything wrong, right? WRONGGGGGGGG. Both SM and BG are EQUALLY to blame and I'm tired of people trying to make SM out to be the victim or keep saying that she is innocent. Just give up the"it's all BG fault" or the "SM not married so she didn't do anything wrong" deflection tactics because it wasn't a trip/fall accident that landed SM into BG's bed. It was her selfishness and insecurity that made her take up with a married man with 4 kids.

How can any woman(ie-SM) continue to sleep with a married man who thinks so little of her that he won't even divorce or legally separate from his wife? Just think about it, everytime SM sleeps with BG she has to look at RG's name above his heart. Either this girl is stupid or she just has the lowest self esteem in the world. BG doesn't love or respect SM, he doesn't even look or act like a man in love. When he is with her he looks miserable and bored out of his mind .

Now she is releasing these "they were touchy feely while house hunting" stories and "I'm doing fine despite being a victim a "witch hunt" photo-ops. Why should we have compassion/sympathy for SM, when she has shown none towards the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN wife and kids?

2230 days ago


Sienna Miller is the new Heather Mills. The girl that makes everyone feel good about themselves. Instead of looking at your own sins, you can say "Well at least I never slept with a married father of four." Sort of like you can look at Jeffrey Dahmer and say, "Hey, at least I never ate and killed my homosexual lovers."

This is the problem with our society -- religion has crumbled, and so all we are left with is "morality." Even though no one knows what it is. I bet most of these women getting all uppity on Sienna Miller have had premarital sex, haven't they? That's a sin, just like adultery. Most girls I know have had multiple sexual partners, often more than a dozen by the time they're in their mid-20s, and these are not porn stars, just average people. Probably the most "moral" woman I know, has at age 26 had three partners and doesn't cheat -- like me -- but she's with some punk rocker who has skulls tattooed all over his body, a sin against the Holy Spirit.

I don't see a lot of perfection around me. In fact, no one is perfect except Christ -- that's why he says, "I don't want the righteous, but the sinners." So we, no less than Sienna Miller, should fear God and repent.

2230 days ago


#24--There are LOTS of people closer to perfect then Sienna. At least some of us try to behave with some caring. The point of the outrage is that she acts with total disgregard for other people and then shows no remorse!! She wants ROSETTA to come forward and clear her name?? Who does she think she is??? At best she is a skinny, somewhat pretty girl who has been lucky enough to get roles similar enough to her own personality to be perceived as a good actress. At worst, she is a potrait of Dorian Gray in reverse. Her horrible personailty and character, herselfishness and lack of empathy for others is now ruining her appearance, which is the only value she really ever had. Couldn't happen to a more rotton person. Go jump in and feed the fish, Sienna!!!!

2230 days ago


Repentance requires us to admit that we are wrong, take responsibility for our actions, and then to make changes in our life so that we do not keep doing those same harmful/selfish/cruel/self-destructive behaviors. Where is SM in this process? Instead of admitting her wrongs, she blames others for her bad behavior and poor decisions. She keeps sleeping with other women's husbands, boyfriends, and fiancees without any remorse or concern for the women/children hurt in this process. She flaunts the relationships and then when she is called out on her antics with these men she crys that people are being unfair/hypocritical and depicts herself as a victim. What's self-righteous and cruel are those people who keep going on about not juding SM, but happily turn a blind eye to the five people that were hurt in the process.

Sleeping with another woman's HUSBAND is cruel. Saying that SM is not responsiblre for the affair because she is single or didn't take vows is cruel. Telling other people to show some respect while still sleeping with the MARRIED MAN is cruel. Saying "I can't live like this " while still living, sleeping, shopping, and having lunch with the MARRIED MAN is cruel. Having her PR team spread lies about her MARRIED boyfriend's wife is cruel. Defending SM actions by blaming RG for the outcome of the marriage is cruel. Allowing the married man to grab and suck her breast is cruel. Trying to change the subject by insulting posters that don't agree with SM actions is cruel. Leaking stories that she wants to marry BG and is living & house hunting with him or staying in his family home is cruel. Having her mother condone her relationship with the married man (who didn't even love/respect her daughter enough to divorce/legally separated from his wife) is cruel. So I ask again, where is SM in this process of repentance? Since she just released a story about house hunting with the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN, we can conclude that SM has no remorse for her cruelty against RG and her kids.

Please spare us the "who are we to judge SM" deflection tactic, when SM has not shown an ounce of sympathy or compassion to the women/children of the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN.
SM needs to accept the consequences of her actions and stop trying to act as if she is victim of double standards, BG charm, and now as you put it uppity/ self-righteous peoples' criticism. If SM had any respect for herself, she would have told the MARRIED MAN to get a divorce before she got involved with him. BTW, he is still MARRIED, so what is her excuse for still sleeping and being seen with this NOT YET DIVORCED/SEPARATED MARRIED MAN?

2230 days ago


is that kate bosworth she is with cuz it sure looks like it

2230 days ago


What a tough life she has, being a millionaire HOMEWRECKER, hanging out in Ibiza, smoking cancer sticks and getting skin cancer from way too much time in the sun.

2230 days ago


I cannot help myself--I am compelled to write something about this tramp and Getty every time TMZ posts a story about them. This just eats me up inside. I feel so horrible for that man's family, especially the children. The lack of moral standards and compassion is NON-existent in there minds. She is a disgusting creature with a nasty habit of going after men who are already in relationships. No respect for the sanctity in ANYTHING--frankly I am glad she has no upcoming 'career prospects'--it would be a good time for her to seek help in Re-hab and straighten out her life. He is an F*ing louse that will never EVER outgrow this title he has created for himself--"Adulterer, abandoner of children...slob!!" There is a special place in hell for lowlife's like Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty.

2230 days ago
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