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Bloody Sunday -- Kim K. Rushed to ER

8/25/2008 9:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim KardashianThe new season of "Dancing With the Stars" may have already lost its first competitor -- and they haven't even announced the official cast yet.

Kim Kardashian -- who is scheduled to be on the show this season -- badly cut her foot in her hotel room late Sunday night. We're told she sliced her foot open on a glass coffee table and was rushed to New York Presbyterian Hospital. No word on how many stitches she needed, but a source tells TMZ there was "so much blood, it looked like a murder scene."

"DWTS" makes its official cast announcement this morning and Kim is in town to do press for that and her new movie, "Disaster Movie." We're told Kim already has begun to practice for the show, but it's unclear now whether she'll be able to participate.


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This Black Chick Thinks Shia LaBouf Is Fine As Hell!!    


As the old saying goes:

If it walks like, talks like, looks like a must be a duck. If a man/womans way of becoming famous for nothing is to do what a whore would do at a hoe-stroll, then guess what? Yep, you get called a whore, slut, tramp....whatever tickles your fancy. Ms. Kardashian 'leaked' that video tape out just as RAY J. did, if she did not want her business out like that or labled as the aformention 'labels' Ive stated, then she has the power to take as much legal action as she wished to stop it....just as any woman with class and wishes to have her life private would do. So, obviously it was not a "......mistake...." as a few posters have put it. As soon a homemade 'porn' video was out, everyone started talking about Kim Kardashian and her 'backside'. Ms. Kardashian knew exactly what she was doing, or else none of us would be having this conversation about her now, cuz she is a NOBODY who got her name 'out there' by being a tramp. Oh wait excuse putting her most intimat moments on video to disperse nationwide. Ok, so basically a high priced hooker.

I, for the record, never said anything bad about her weight or 'behind'. At least she's a whore that doesn't look like she hasn't ate in months and is about to blow away as soon as you say 'BOO!'.

2248 days ago


Huh.....most glass coffee tables don't slice someone open unless that particular someone is doing something really, really stupid. She should be embarrassed about a lot of things, but this just about takes the cake. Oooooooops!

2248 days ago

ease up on the girl will ya?    

give kim a break you guys, if you dont like her why are you bothering to read the story or keep up with what she is into? i think she is pretty hot and maybe she isnt the most talented actress but you people are heartless to say throw her out with trash and call her a whore. dancing with the stars doesnt let ugly or fat girls on that show for a reason, have you watched it and seen the dresses those girls wear? and you dont think kim will be smoking hot in one? she did do a playboy layout so you have to give her some credit. she is hot and if you dont agree you must be jealous.

2248 days ago

This Black Chick Thinks Shia LaBouf Is Fine As Hell!!    

The reason most people are bothering to even talk about Ms. Kardashian is because she will be on a dancing show that people will watch, not because she's being 'followed-up'. I could careless about Ms. Kardashian; I watch nothing of her so-called 'reality' show, and I would much perfer to see talent with a nice ass. She just happens to be on the dance show because she's a 'STAR', but where are her 'star' qualities that make her a 'star'????? People are steadily coming to her defensive, but are not saying what makes her a 'star', what has she contribute to earning that title, and/or why she deserves to be on DWTS.... because getting pissed on on camcorder, IMO, does not qualify someone as a 'star'. A 2nd rate porn 'star' maybe, but if that were the case....why not pick Jenna Jaimeson if that's the case.

And not every girl/woman that graces PlayBoy deserves 'credit'!! So because she is selling her body for guys like #61 to get their rocks-off or for perverts to have a reason to find young girls who probably are not of age.....she should get '".

LOL!!! Its stories like these and people like #61, JEEZE, HAHA why this nation will continue to go in a spiral downward. Any ADULT with common-sense would not stick up for tramps and mind-less people as if they hold the key to life. And that's the point, LIFE is not about using 'sex appeal' (and sometimes even THAT runs a fine line) to become a 'star', and real people will make that known. In the REAL world....people don't do what the HILTONS, KARDASHIANS, SPEARS, and LOHANS of so-called entertainment to become successful, and even if they do.....they started somewhere years ago to be able to do nothing now and still have attention (i.e. MADONNA). And even if they DO, its called SLEEPING YOUR WAY TO THE TOP, (Hence...SEX TAPES).

People are forgetting that it takes HARD WORK to become a successful 'star' in the entertainment biz and LITTLE half-stepping. Kim Kardashian has done no REAL hard work to be successful except use her sex appeal in the little time that she has been in the limelight. Therefore, how the hell is she considered a star, when she has contribute ZERO except a lame-ass superficial 'reality show' and a homemade sex tape. PUH-Leze!!!

Give me a break.

2248 days ago




2248 days ago

Spare me!    

@ #61..."dancing with the stars doesnt let ugly or fat girls on that show for a reason,"


WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??! Of course they do. Is Cloris Leachman pretty? No! Just last season they had the chubby/fat chick, who went almost all the way. They go by star value when they pick their people, and on Kim K, trust me, she had some strings pulled somewhere,

Here is how that string might have been strung -.

Her chosen dance partner is very popular on the show and is the boyfriend of Cheetah girl and former DWTS contestant, Sabrina Bryan.

Kims brother's fiancee/girlfriend whom he is shacked up with, is also a Cheetah girl. (there are 3)

The Cheetah girls are owned by Disney.

DWTS is on ABC, which is owned by DWTS is...owned by Disney.

Kim's show, KUWTK is onthe E network and a money maker for them...

Guess who owned E?....yep, Disney.
Until 2006, when Comcast bought Disney's shares (In November 2006, Comcast bought the Walt Disney Company's 39.5% share of E! for $1.23 billion)
Don't ell me there arent still Disney people working at E.

KK is sucking someone's P somewhere along here. Its Hollywood, land of sex and deals and you rub my P and I'll get you on national TV backroom slimy deals.
Do you see how a word here, a push there, a request there...a suck behind there, could land Kim on DWTS?

2248 days ago


... like many people say, money can't buy class.
same for Kim 'Trashian' and her 'scripted reality' show

The whole family is trailer trash in affluent settings.

2230 days ago
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