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Matilda Ledger Gives Mommy the Runaround

8/27/2008 2:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle Williams got her cardio workout in by chasing after her precious daughter Matilda down a NYC street on Wednesday.

Heath's little lookalike turns three in October.


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Get Real!    

CC- I think maybe you should've stated it by saying: You may have seen it happen more so with white children because all children do that...I don't have children, but I have nieces and nephews and they use to run off all the time...It only takes a second and there they go. You're not idiot either, you just could've stated it differently. It's All Good!!

2215 days ago

Brown Suga    

CC i am black and my daughter runs so your statment is very stupid

2215 days ago


OMG, CC, you called me Smelly instead of Shelly. Sheer Genius because THAT'S NEVER EVER been done before. Is that a tear in my eye? Given your level of maturity, I'm glad you don't have children. I'm done with you now and everyone else should be done withyou as well since you're of the mind-frame that you're always right.

2215 days ago


CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC----- You are absolutely right!!!!!!!! white parents are such bad parents, maybe if they were better at raising their kids maybe our prisons wouldn't be full of white people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha

2215 days ago


this is adorable and hilarious! lol

kids are crazy like that... they totally DON'T get how serious it is when they run off like that. i babysit my cousins enough to know that it's not a laughing matter... even though this picture CRACKED ME UP!

2215 days ago

Local Reporter    

Lol, if i were michelle I would have this picture printed up. It is really friggan cute. But yeah, i agree that scares the crap out of you.

2215 days ago


This picture put a smile on my face. It's good to see that celebrity children can be normal and are not perfect. LOL!!! So this is what I have to look forward to with my 1 year old. (Oh Boy)

2215 days ago

Reality is....    

She is cute, but my children learned very early on not to run away from mommy.

With that said, is it just me or does Matilda's arm look to be really sun burned? If you look at the "crease" by her elbow...We all know how that is a chubby wrinkle in little looks like that part is really "light" compared to the rest of her arm. It could just be lighting, but I don't think so. What does someone else think? Is her arm sunburned? She should have on sunscreen.....

2215 days ago


I fittin to be knowin who my baby daddy posta be, when da time fittin to be comin dat i fittin to be prednant. I know when my wota fittin to break I wiil already be fittin to run afta that kid.

2215 days ago


I remember those days .You can see the fear in Michell's face. Most parents can understand that moment. It really can be laughed at later , but yep when it's happening it scares the heck out of you.

2215 days ago


Michelle looks terrified, we as parents have all been there, me included. I wonder though..............if the child got too close to the street, would one of the paps stop her or just keep snapping away and see what happens. A morality question indeed............ Oh and by the way, Matilda is a beautiful and obviously happy child, good job to her parents (both living and deceased.

2215 days ago


54. CC - I wasnt offended by you saying that caucasion (or white) kids are running around. I was just saying that if I had made the same comment you made and said "black" kids are running around, you would freak out and call me a racist.
It is besides the point of the post. I DONT CARE that you mention WHITE kids specifically. If I had made that same comment, mentioning black kids, you would call me racist. Thats the point i am trying to make - i do not think nor am i saying you are racist. Its just funny to me that other races can get away with saying things like that (things that arent meant to be racist) but a white person cant becuase they are automatically judged as being racist.

I am in more disagreement that you are judging moms then the fact that you mentions white people. I really dont care about that.

Posted at 4:46PM on Aug 27th 2008 by umm?

You my dear are too nice to CC. She is indeed racist. Many children do run no matter what RACE they are. My son ran. Kids do run. It's only natural. Children do not see nor understand the danger . I also wonder too if the Paps would have stood there snapping if she had ran into the streets. Anyway, back to CC , she made the statement because she is racist and because she wanted a heated response. She does not speak for all black people so those of you who are responding to her hate by generalizing about others are just as bad. (Ps. I know there are typos somewhere too...) Oh, and CC dear, I'm black and you DO NOT speak for me.

2215 days ago

miss sheree    

All kids have the propensity to do this....with me, it only happened once and then I put them on a was a wrist one (one on her wrist, one on mine) not the harness, doggy-style ones.

But you know what - if you have to strap em to keep em from running off....a parent's got todo what a parent's got todo.

2215 days ago


CC--that was a racist and stupid comment. you obviously don't have any kids or you wouldn't be saying that. i myself am a black woman and have had to chase my child down. ppl without children think they're parenting experts. well let me tell you babysitting a kid and raising a kid are 2 very different things. so until you've had one of your own maybe you should keep your asinine comments on child rearing to yourself.

2215 days ago

What does everyone see in this idiot?    

queenbeebitch....keep on preaching sister!!!

Gotta love little kids! I hope her Daddy i watching her and laughing right along with Matilda

2215 days ago
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