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The Ultimate Mayer Hoax?

8/27/2008 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe Jen Aniston and John Mayer are pulling the ultimate prank.

Sure John blabbed all about his breakup with Jen to our cameras, but what if it was all a clever ruse.

How else do you explain the ring Jen was sporting last night at Madeo?


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It's a ring...just a ring.

2193 days ago


I swear I'll buy every John Mayer CD and go to see all Aniston's movies if this is true. This would be best BREAKING NEWS in hollywood's history.

2193 days ago

hell with them all    

Leave the lady alone. Do you want someone up your ass all day long? Good god did anyone put your ass in the paper because you have a damn ring on. NO!!!

2193 days ago


Obviously a publicity stunt. Jennifer gets dumped and happens to show off a ring on her left ring finger? If it was an engagement ring both John and Jennifer would be shouting it from the rooftops for the publicity.

2193 days ago


When people are in shape, you hands can get like that when its hot. I guess all you fattys don't know about that.

2193 days ago


She pulled the same trick with Vince with a $500,000 yellow "diamond". Remember? Look at the way she's holding her hand. She never could act. Kinda obvious. Fake. Fake. Fake.

2193 days ago


she has a movie coming soon...PUBLICITY!!!!!....what can be in the mind of someone who may be still wishing to meet someone like Brad.....thus cannot commit to anyone still.....What else can we think of with her wearing this ring? Desperation to remarry??? or maybe the break up was just a ploy so the paparazzi will stop following them or stop asking them about their relationship ..and then the big surprise for everyone ....get everyone off guard with the news...Jen & John weds!!!!! Just a thought.....

2193 days ago


She probably bought herself the ring. Also...the reason she can't stay in a relationship I think is because she is still hung up on Brad - and his betrayal with Angelina probably still hurts her. I don't blame her for being hurt. How would you like to be cheated on - and then your ex and the person they cheated with plastered all over magazines, tabloids, etc. for the world to see? It's IN YOUR FACE all the time! God I'm so sick of seeing "Brangelina".....move on to someone else already. Jen...go get someone who will treat you as you deserve to be treated!

2193 days ago


Always thought Courtney Cox was SOOOOOO much hotter !!! But poor Jennifer has some serious MAN-HANDS !!!!! Nasty !!!

2193 days ago


Fire Dax

2193 days ago


She's not a bi-atch. maybe the ring is just on there cause she bought it. TMZ doesn't know everything in her life maybe she has met someone else and that's the reason for the breakup the heart wants what it wants!

2193 days ago


She Makes me SICK with her FLAT Chest and PHONY self..Money made this chick nothing else

2193 days ago


hey #20 suppose a hottie like you must be would deny angelina jolie's hands too

2193 days ago

you really should...    

I thought, years ago, she and Courteney gave each other "friendsip" rings and it was a big deal at the time to show their support of one another...not in a Lilo and SamRo way...but in a friends for life I got your back kind of way. Wth people have questioned Courteney's sudden disappearance from Aniston's lately, maybe she wore Courteney's ring to show Courteney's support of her. We all know Huvane is on top of what people are saying and will immediately counter it with a PR tactic.

But IF, as TMX usggests, the break-up is a HOAX and they will secretly marry, then she is DUMB AS A DORRKNOB to wear THE ENGAGEMENT IN PUBLIC with the nuptuals still pending...IF you want to suppose it a hoax and now John is all suddenly forgiven for his hurtful words and all her fans are back in love with him...the more power to them...BUT SHE IS STILL A COMPLETE DIM BULB IF THIS IS A SECRET WEDDING IN THE WORKS AND SHE IS PUBLICLY WEARING THE ENGAGEMENT RING! Duh...what part about "secret" does she NOT get?? But, I doubt there is going to be a wedding for Jennifer Aniston this year...or even next. Maybe 2010 will finally be her year!

It would not surprise me one bit if she did it on purpose to create "buzz" when she ptherwise has none. After all, if she had gone out without wearing THAT ring on THAT finger, would this photo have even made it on TMZ? Don't think so. Good job Jen and Huvane...MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

2193 days ago


You guys rock. You smelled something was fishy last week and now this. Keep digging!

2193 days ago
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