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A Little Song, Dance, Heroin Down My Pants

8/28/2008 12:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photos of evidence seized in Mackenzie Phillips drug bust.

The photos show three balloons and three small Ziplock bags which cops say contained heroin and cocaine. There is also a pic of 34 syringes, her mugshot and her driver's license.

Celeb Mugs - click to launchAnd we have more details on the arrest. We're told when Mackenzie went through the metal detector, the alarm went off because of a metal object. The TSA initially did not suspect drugs. TSA employees then began to pat her down -- which is routine -- and she became uncooperative. They asked her to sit, and that's when we're told the balloons and baggies fell from her waistband through her pant leg and onto the floor.

At that point, MacKenzie knew she was caught and said so to folks at TSA.


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So freakin' what. She likes to party. It's her body. I don't do it but she does and I DON'T CARE. She's not hurting me. She's not hurting you. SHE'S HURTING HERSELF.


2246 days ago


Drug addiction is a horrible thing. Let's all say a prayer for Mackenzie and her family. May God give you strength and faith to get through this. You CAN beat this!

2246 days ago

john wayne gacy    

the subject became uncooperative
when getting felt up and patted down;

when a metal object ( vibrator ) set off the alarm,
that's when the ballons and party favors dropped
from the trousers to get this fiesta in full swing.

just gotta appreciate a seasoned party girl that
brings plenty of baggies & needles for everyone...........

2246 days ago


This is hilarious! What a f'n idiot! This drug skank has truly fried her brain! I'm sorry, but I just don't have any sympathy for these people. Addiction is what it is, it's not a disease, it's a choice to do drugs or a choice not to. Using the term "disease" is a crutch, an excuse, to condone their addiction. As with an alcoholic, they make a choice to drink & drive, why can't they make a choice to stop drinking. There are plenty of rehab centers everywhere, plenty of programs for these people. But they choose to stay high or drunk rather than seek help and get clean. They choose to either stay clean or get back on drugs. No doubt, a difficult fight, but one worth fighting don't you think?

2246 days ago


Hey Mackenzie, I hope you are ok. You can get through this.

2246 days ago

Rest in Peace    

What is wrong with these celebs? I thought she was clean...what a terrible life to lead. Does she have kids?

2246 days ago

pattie in cali    

she will never learn it seems. best of luck, get clean, GOD BLESS YOU.

2246 days ago


Was she on her way to tonight's Obama speech?

2246 days ago


There is also a pic of 34 syringes

I thought she said this is the first time that she used drugs since 1992, why the 34 syringes? I guess she didn't want to get AIDS from infected syringes.....

2246 days ago

Sign her for the show INTERVENTION.

2246 days ago


Yes, she has a son named Shane who was born in 1987. She has always been this way as has Bijou. I guess they are just following after their dear old Dad's ways. Sad, very sad!

2246 days ago

to keepin it real

"why can't they make a choice to stop drinking"...BECAUSE THEY ARE A FRIGGING ADDICT. What part of this don't you understand.


Go read a book.

2246 days ago


Poor thing...

2246 days ago


I agree with number 3. A prayer is needed. If you have never been addicted to anything in your life you will never understand.More than the drugs, she and anyone who is addicted needs to deal with their own emotional pain. But i know that most of the people on this site are way to strong of people to even understand that.....

2246 days ago


7. She had a "suck & stick" appointment w/Bill Clinton!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Monica wasn't available

2246 days ago
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