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A Little Song, Dance, Heroin Down My Pants

8/28/2008 12:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photos of evidence seized in Mackenzie Phillips drug bust.

The photos show three balloons and three small Ziplock bags which cops say contained heroin and cocaine. There is also a pic of 34 syringes, her mugshot and her driver's license.

Celeb Mugs - click to launchAnd we have more details on the arrest. We're told when Mackenzie went through the metal detector, the alarm went off because of a metal object. The TSA initially did not suspect drugs. TSA employees then began to pat her down -- which is routine -- and she became uncooperative. They asked her to sit, and that's when we're told the balloons and baggies fell from her waistband through her pant leg and onto the floor.

At that point, MacKenzie knew she was caught and said so to folks at TSA.


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She looks like hell----and always has. What's a shame is that she has been arrested at least half a dozen times before for drugs and bought her way out of trouble each time. How, I don't know. She hasn't acted in, directed, or produced anything in the past 25 years. She's a waste and she deserves whatever punishment that she gets. As do ALL drug users.

2142 days ago


hey guy, #71, do you drink? have you ever had a drink? OH WE SHOULD LOCK YOU UP. alcohol is just as bad, even worse than a lot of drugs. so if all drug users "desrve what they get," shouldn't drinkers deserve what they get as well?

2142 days ago


Jill, she's not hurting anyone? Note one piece of evidence...a driver's license. You're quite welcome to feel safe and secure despite KNOWING that an ever increasing number of people are driving under the influence of some mind altering substance...and lest you ignore that...the body is controlled by the there's just ONE way this sad woman could be hurting you or someone you love. Now, does she have family? Friends? Anyone who's hurt by her actions? OH WAIT...she's only doing this to herself! And THEN...wait...who pays the jailer? Who pays the cost of another failed attempt to rehab this woman, and the multitude of other users and abusers who never seek rehab until forced. Do I speak from experience? Awake and still paying for someone else's abuse, thank you no one.

2142 days ago


Bummer. I feel bad for her. Yep she should have known better, but dang, she must be messed up to get into this situation. I wish her well. thats all. I just wish her well.

2142 days ago


Okay - so if it is a CHOICE and not a disease then I guess anyone with sun-inflicted skin cancer can not consider it a disease as they made the CHOICE to go out in the sun?

2142 days ago


I sat and watched a loved one take his last breath. He wasn't addicted to drugs like heroin or cocaine. He was addicted to alcohol and nicotine. They finally took their toll on him. He did these things to hide pain from deep within. Unknown to everyone, he had a form of depression. One day he picked up alcohol. He liked the way it took the pain and sadness away, so he would drink more and more. Pretty soon, his body needed it more and more. I hope he is at peace now.
I had a nice long talk with the doctor. He explained to me that some people's brains are different. There is something in them (just like a chemical imbalance witha bi-polar) and it makes them more prone to addictions. It can be genetic.
This part of the brain can over ride the better part that keeps others away from drugs after becoming "clean"
This is a true addict. Once an addict the need takes over any common sense. It is a very strong craving. The body feels pain. Strong pain that will drive this person to do anything to help aleviate it.

Those of you with addictions that you have over come must know what I am talking about.
I wish these drugs didn't exist, but they do. I wish they could be outlawed, but they are too vast in numbers.
I wish everyone would stay away from them, but for some reason people choose to take them that first time...and once taken they cannot break the pattern. This is the addict. Once an addict it is no longer a is a demand.

God help those that are addicts. God help those that do not have compassion. God help our people to gently guide those that would become addicts away from this life.

2142 days ago


drugs r fun!

2142 days ago


boy this young lady has been in trouble since 1979! i remember reading a book about her being drunk and drugged up and being found on sunset strip in hollywood... she has never looked good ever even when she was on the show one day at a time... she needs lots of help ... but when you do your first line of coke with mama cass and michelle phillips you think your hollywoods finest... good luckl julie cooper

2142 days ago



2142 days ago


Personally I thought she was dead by now, her TV sister is looking fine these days after she dumped Eddie Van Halen and lost all that weight. I knew Vallerie's family in Shreveport, LA and always looked forward to her coming home for a visit but I really haven't given McKensie a thought since the last time they showed American Grafitti and she rode around in thwat yellow hot rod sceaming that she was ugly- we all thought, yes you are little girl.

2142 days ago


In another report, she claims to be broke. From the the looks of that photo of her First class ticket, along with the drugs, she ain't that broke!

2142 days ago

Jorge Luis Payton    

I am so tired of these witch hunts the media has on individuals of a celebrity status. Then again, if there wasn't a demand for that kind of news. It wouldn't have matter weather Mackenzie was caught with heroin and syringes or carrying body parts in he suitcase.
The woman is ill people. Addiction is an illness. Let the girl be. Send her your love, hugs, kisses and support. smile at her if you see her on the street. Give her a rose. Maybe someone needs to tell her that to all of us she will always be Julie Cooper. I for one would like to cradle her in my arms until the storm passes. But I can't.
Hold your head up Mac. Like before you will win this battle too and with a little more faith you will win the war.

2142 days ago


People with addictive personalities will become addicted to anything no matter what it is. They don't start out wanting to become an addict. It starts out small and in no time at all they have to have more just to feel the same buzz. After a while it takes a lot just to feel normal. Its a vicious cycle that doesn't get any better until the person themselves want to quit. For no one can make that decision for them. I was an alcoholic for 10 years, I have not had a drink in 20 years. All it will take is one drink and I will be smack dab right back to where I was before. It is a decision that you yourself have to make and I'm glad that my husband was still here when I wised up and quit. He only stayed because our daughters begged him to. We have been married 31 years now and I could not have done that if I was still drinking. because it causes you to hide what you are doing, and lie and not care about anything but your self and your next drink (or drug). My prayers go out to Mackenzie. I hope she comes to her senses before its to late. Oh, by the way, getting off anything you are addicted to is painful and unpleasant but the way you feel once your clean make it all worth while.

2142 days ago


..oh yea I was in rehab...guess she took a LONG dive off the wagon.
...Caught with 30-something needles on her???"But officer, I swear, I am a diabetic" NOT
...OH right that's insulin in those little ziploc bags HELLOOOOOO (omg too funny).
...The former "One Day at a Time" star writes a new book on her life, "One Drug Bust at a Time"

makes you wonder if some of it had to do with the fact she was the spawn of former Mamas and the Papas singers John and Michelle Phillips. (mommy and daddy must be SO prou

2142 days ago


I wish she could beat this...want to know something REALLY sad??
Of course y'all know who her famous dad is (of The Mommas and The Papas fame)
Her dad was the first one ever to shoot her up...Can you imagine??
She was just a kid and hanging around this PARTYING crowd...and then her
own dad puts the first needle in her arm. I know it's up to her now to quit but you're
talking about a LIFETIME of abuse. Very hard road. GOOD LUCK Mackenzey.........

2142 days ago
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