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What If These Two Could Produce a Child?

8/28/2008 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A horse named Storm Cat, grandson of the legendary Secretariat, gets $500,000 every time he goes to stud -- and that damn horse doesn't have a green jacket or a gold medal!

Meanwhile, Michael Phelps just claimed his 14th gold medal at the Beijing Olympics -- and Tiger Woods has 14 major championship trophies sitting at home. They finally met face to face last night, but here's the real question...

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I don't see what the big deal about Michael Phelps' looks? I mean.. he's not really that good looking. I'm sure he's a nice guy and all.. feh.

2214 days ago


There is nothing more attractive than a guy who treats their mother the way these two do and that has nothing to do with the money. These guys are both adorable!

2214 days ago


Puh-lease.... the most valuable breeder has to be Phelps because his likelihood to bring about conception is higher. He has stronger "little swimmers". ;-)

2214 days ago

scr mom    

In regards to the MVB (not if the two of them would breed together) I think woods would be more valuable. He is a more well rounded person - ability, intellect, poise, the way he carries himself,.......which to me are more important because there is no guarantee one's offspring will like the same sport you performed well at.

2214 days ago


If they could produce a child, it would be black with a big mouth....Oh yeah, and his name would be Kanye West!

2214 days ago

john wayne gacy    

if you're " banking " on either one's donation;

with tiger, it's a janitor in a drum;

with phelps, you would get beluga caviar......

2214 days ago


Michael Phelps can do the breaststroke but Tiger can get it in the hole.

2214 days ago


Definitly Tiger, and no Michael is not attractive but what a bod!

2214 days ago


Tiggy is fugly.

2214 days ago


can you be more crass? Is it the essence of TMZ to offer the most base comment on anything that comes to your mind?

These are men of great achievement ; a function of genetic make up to be sure, but of training, dedication and a high minded sense of accomplishment.

TMZ might seek some editorial control over their missives, before they launch into such innane polls.

2214 days ago


Okay, someone said Tiger can't have sex appeal because his temper. Whatever that means, some of the biggest hot-headed jerks in history have had the best women. His pimp hand is strong, not a bad trait. If he can't overcome his temper and blows tournaments, or is beating his wife, different story.

And do I have to say this? Tiger's a golfer and this guy is a swimmer. He can swim fast, neat. That means any kid he has is going to be a star at any sport they try? Highly unlikely. But the odds that Tiger could have a kid and teach him to become as good as him at golf and also rake in $100 million a year is highly likely; if not average raking in $30 milllon a year. What is it going to be in 2010, the top speed skater against A-Rod?

Not trying to knock an Olympian, just...let's not get out of hand.

2214 days ago


Hahaha. I'm sorry.. Michael Phelps is a great athlete but he looks like something produced from a horse mating with a goblin! Poor guy.

2214 days ago


2 faces for radio....yikes

2214 days ago


ugghh, what is with this Michael Phelps is sexy thing? Please! He looks deformed with his giant head, giant mouth, and Dumbo ears. What is with you people?

2214 days ago


Tiger Woods and Serena Williams would a super athletic child.
It would have medals and awards in so many supports and millions,
and millions of dollars. Just imagine!

2214 days ago
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