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Michael Jordan -- Smokin', Stealin', Tongue'n'

9/2/2008 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With his professional baseball career already up in smoke, Michael Jordan decided to smoke up while playin' a little baseball yesterday -- and he was still better than everyone else on the field.

His Airness hit a local diamond in Atlanta for a Labor Day softball classic with his boy Jermaine Dupri -- where the former minor leaguer refused to take the cigar out of his mouth the entire game. He hit, he smoked. He stole, he smoked. He fielded, he smoked. He even ripped his jeans while sliding into third -- cigar in mouth the entire time.

Good thing he can afford a new pair.

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No Avatar


first in florida

thats one big ass blunt

2241 days ago

arte help    

Da MAN!!!!

2241 days ago


So what? This is news? Must have been a slow weekend.

2241 days ago


When you get an exceptionally good cigar, Armagedon couldn't pry it from your mouth.

2241 days ago

john wayne gacy    

former minor league abomination.

isn't it ironic that he was forced to " quit "
at the height basketball career to bat
.200 for a AA minor league team
and his father was mysteriously found
dead laying on the side of a road ?

the writing is on the wall
& speaks loud and clear.

he shaved points and his ego got the best of him
( winning ) and crossed the wrong chicago boys..........

2241 days ago


Circus freak!

2241 days ago


I love HIM!!!!!

2241 days ago

Brit is a f*ck up    

Good role model for kids!!

2241 days ago


See, smoking is GOOD. I want to be like Mike. NOT!!!

2241 days ago


He is the hottest thing EVER!!! I love him still to this day!

2240 days ago


why cant he just enjoy his life and deal with his own issues. people are quick to judge. Let mike ive his life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2240 days ago

Can't believe the crap    

Good lord people! Isn't he an adult?!! So what if he smokes! I have three boys who think he's great and, guess what! They know he smokes and they understand that it's his choice and doesn't make him a bad person! WOW! It's called parenting! If you teach your children to RESPECT other people's choices, not necessarily to agree with them, you create individuals who can think for themselves and and actually make their own choices whether good or bad based on knowledge, not what their favorite celeb is doing! Get off MJ! Let the man be who he is! He isn't hurting anyone but himself! Try teaching your children that facts about smoking, drugs, sex, gambling....etc Instead of worrying what you're children are learning by looking up to these celebrities, BE THEIR ROLE MODEL!

2240 days ago

Loud and talentless    

Hey Shut ... It IS hurting others! Besides REEKING it poses a dangerous health risk to those around him. Most of us LONG AGO had the good sense to quit and don't want to be around it. It is our RIGHT not to have to breathe that crap! Second- hand smoke is a proven danger to others. You are WRONG! As the founding fathers so eloquently stated: "One man's freedom ends where another's nose begins."

2240 days ago

Can't believe the crap    

14 - You do have rights but so do the smokers. I, myself, don't smoke but feel strongly that when we allow the government to step all over our smallest of rights then how much longer until the largest are taken away?!! Good for you that quit. And if you don't want your children around smoking, wow! Keep them away from it but you'd better educate them because if they have NO experience the temptation is that much greater. I'm willing to bet that that standard has held true for each and every generation. They said sex was BAD when I was growing up so, surprise! Most kids that I graduated with went out and did it because that's all they heard. No, my kids don't smoke, do drugs, party, or have sex. Why? 2 reasons - 1 I educate them and let them know the risks and reasons to avoid those temptations and 2 - LUCK! People have a right to do and say as they wish because we live in America. Or would you rather big government tell you and yours what you are allowed to do? EVERYONE has rights! That's the best part of living here. RESPECT each other and those rights! The only people that you have the right to instruct on how to live life is yourself and your children. I'll tell you again (just like my kids) you don't have to agree with what others do, but you must respect their right to do so. If not we all know what hatred and ignorance breeds... the civil war, WWI, WWII, War against terror, gang wars... need I go on? It's all about respecting other people's right NOT forcing your own will on others because it's what you want.

2240 days ago

get off his back!    

Haha! Jordan's the best Baller of all time. Let him do what he wants. He's an adult anyway and more of a man then any of us here will ever be and this is coming from a die hard Pistons fan. Show some respect jesus. BTW, did you guys delete my other comment? Yeah, censoring anyone who disagrees. Real mature guys.

2240 days ago
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