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Leaves in a Huff

9/4/2008 12:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hilary Duff thought our first question was funny. Not so much when we asked our back-up question about daddy.


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Watch out for Karma    

Note to TMZ STAFF: Please post your pictures with each "headline" or comment that you write, also please post a brief detail of your family history: alcoholic abusive father, obese non-loving mother etc. I am guessing you all come from disfunctional families based on your absolute love of dissing those who are more beautiful and successful than you! I'll be waiting!

2210 days ago

your mother    

Why do people who hate TMZ always seem to be the most frequent visitors? Seems somewhat hypocrytical. If they all stopped coming here, TMZ would be out of business.

2210 days ago


I can't even understand what Hilary said...btw, what did she say?

2210 days ago

Todd da Man    

I did not see her leave in a "huff", so the headline is bogus. Furthermore, it is equally obvious that she did not even hear the so-called question about her dad, so implying that she was angry about that is bogus and a lie. People look to TMZ for the news on Hollywood, etc. If you want people to respect you as a legitimate news source, then I believe you should work harder at avoiding BS headlines / "stories" like this. It just ruins your credibility.

2210 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

I agree with "Todd Da Man", I saw nothing like what was described in the headline. False advertising? Bait & switch? What's next TMZ, pointing above and behind us and saying "look a UFO" just to see if we turn our heads? I expected much more than what you claimed to offer.

At least I don't have to file for a refund.

2210 days ago


ok #1 leave hilary alone! And #2 get your headlines right ....!

2209 days ago


she looks cute!
and yeah, i don't think she even heard the dad question.
she was in the car already.

at least it was hilary,
and i love her! :D

2209 days ago

Elizabeth Bohnsack    

Hilary Duff is going to be on the BONNIE HUNT SHOW on Thursday!!! The show tapes on Wed and according to the website they still have tickets available!!!

2205 days ago

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