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Levi & Bristol: The Writing's on the ... Finger

9/4/2008 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston is apparently doodling his way to the altar, tattooing his baby mama's name on his ring finger. Nothing says love like some regrettable ink!

In lieu of a tramp stamp, Bristol Palin went with the more traditional unwed pregnant teen engagement ring.


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"Tramp Stamp"???? This should be taken off the site. How low can you go?

2241 days ago


What the hell is wrong with you people?

2241 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

All this teenage baby mama drama and her mama with a gun and big hair and no equal pay for equal work, no women's right to choose makes me BEG Barack to dump Joe Biden and get Hillary back involved. Holy crao she was the only legitimate Dem choice for president in the first place and she can't catch a freaking break to even be VP? And McCain trots this one out? I was worried he'd pick Carly Fiorina who would ruin the country in five days. But this one is FAR worse and her BS sasrcasm last night was TIRED. Go back to the great state of Alaska before you turn the clock back 50 years on women's progress.

2241 days ago


~~ #43 Gina ~~

. . . . . . . .You're an idiot!!

2241 days ago


Hey TMZ lay off Bristol Palin! Don't be suck wads! She hasn't done anything illegal and she just doesn't deserve to be mocked for being an unwed mother. This is the year 2008!

2241 days ago


Its time to leave these people alone. Go after the "stars" who are wanting to be in the spotlight and doing stupid things just for your sick pleasure. TMZ is just proving by all these stories on the Palin girl that they also live in the "bubble" that the stars live in! FIRE the person who wrote tramp stamp. I used to visit X-17 until it became so one sided. Guess I will have to stop visiting TMZ as well!

2241 days ago


Like they are the only kids in the world that got pregnant at 17...Its not a big deal and how they deal with it is their business.....

2241 days ago

Socialism has no place in this country    

This site is unreal. Why the politics? Shouldn't you people leave that for the real media outlets. TMS is nothing but a bunch of Obama kiss asses.

2241 days ago


Common TMZ layoff the kids.. JERKS!!!

2241 days ago


6. Watch, if McCain/Palin wins we will be seeing a lot of pregnant teens in this country and do you know who will be paying for their welfare? we the working citizens....God Help Us!!!
Posted at 12:01PM on Sep 4th 2008 by WakeUpPeople

Do you mean like the way we saw alot of kids saying oral sex was not really sex after the Clinton debacle?

2241 days ago

Long Beach reader    

This is hilarious. The proof that Palin's abstinence only eduction fails is her knocked-up teen daughter. Normally I would think it was intrusive for the media to report the pregnancy of an underage child. However, Governor Palin has told the media that a woman does not have the right to choice, and that minors impregnated by rape or incest should be forced to carry the baby, and that schools should be teaching creationism, and abstinence. If Palin wants to intrude on so many of my personal choices, she shouldn't whine when the news reports her failure as a mother.

2241 days ago


Gina- I had a baby at 41, it was my INSURANCE company who made me have the amnio. or they would not pay up, so I was basically forced to do it. what are you getting at? the girl obviously could not have birthed the baby being 5 months pregnant now. So what is your point?

2241 days ago


13. I really don't understand why you guys are being so mean, they make a cute couple and I think they really love each other this girl is not a whore she was just in love with her boyfriend and did what millions of girls around the world do, it's unfortunate that she got pregnant at such a young age but I think she'll be a good mom plus she'll have support from her family!
Posted at 12:04PM on Sep 4th 2008 by ally from italy

Spopken like a truly rational & fair person. Thanks from a proud Italian American.

2241 days ago


Take the comment down TMZ - that is way low, even for you. It can also backfire on you.

2241 days ago


Are you getting the picture yet TMZ!! Leave them alone. If this we Obama's child you would be respectful. And "tramp stamp"????!!! Get some class you ignorant puppets!

2241 days ago
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