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Bang Bang -- Jesse James Sued

9/5/2008 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently Sandra Bullock's "Speed" residuals may have run dry, because her hubby is having trouble paying his bills.
Jesse James
Mr. Sandra Bullock is being sued by his former lawyer for $327,533 in unpaid fees. Jesse is the owner of West Coast Choppers -- which has a huge celeb clientele -- so he shouldn't be hurting for dough.

Calls to James were not returned.


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there`s hope    

Jesse James is so in love with himself. He`s as cool as a turd. Do us a favor and stay out of Vermont. You suck!

2238 days ago


Jesse is a punk..... everyone who meets him will say the same thing.......He rides on others money because he is a mildly talented metal worker......Out of the five bikes of his I have seen I had to fix three of them!

2238 days ago


I think he is talented. He builds some cool bikes. He USED to represent the common man prior to his Hollywood infusion that they both like to act doesn't exist. Every interview they are trying to convince us all how "un-hollywood" they are. Sad.

BUT, Sandra Bullock must be a total idiot to not know what he is up to. She is one of those women that will look back on this one day and wonder what the hell she was thinking. (Hopefully she will do the same thing with her dumb ass movies she makes too.) Quit while you are at least $330k ahead Sandy.

She treats people as disposable items as he seems to also. Maybe its a match.

2238 days ago

The Catdancer    

Hahahaha, another law suit. I'm loving this. You're getting yours, James as it should be. Maybe your wife will help you out since you're obviously not a man who can take care of himself. This law suit and the other one by M. Jones add up to almost a million bucks. Time to pay up, sucker HA!!!!! Karma is a bitch and this is what you get for what you did to Janine, you sorry excuse for a human being. I hope you'll get much more than this though. You're a boil on the butt of humanity.

2237 days ago

Alix Lixxx    

hahahahhahaha this is perfect. One more shovel of dirt over his face. It won't be long before he gets buried and Sandra dumps him too. What a loser. not to mention he's not aging well. hahahahaha

What goes around comes around and he can't stop it.

2237 days ago

Dangerous Dan    

See! As i said in the last post about you! It's all starting to catch up to you, Jesse James! And the funny thing about it is, that it's not over yet! Karma is a B*tch! Isn't it? :) You're in so deep, Sandra is not going to be able to help you. She's just gonna bail on your lame $ss! Sounds familiar, hugh? How does it feel? The boat is sinking very fast, you're without a life preserver, can't swim, and in Shark infested waters! Oh no! You left your empty wallet at home! Never underestimate the power of TJ!

2237 days ago

Sunny Kim    

hahah. this is so overdue for mr sandra bullock. i think he is a piece of garbage. no man leaves their wife who is preggos for some stupid homewrecker and then doesn't expect karma to bite them back in the ass! mr sandra bullock is just beginning to see the wrath that is karma. not only is he untalented, money hungry, a fame whore and a total jerk, he steals from everyone and thinks he's god. well mr sandra bullock, i hope this is merely the beginning to ur demise............and always remember, TEAM always just around the corner...........LAUGHING AT UR STUPID ASS.

2236 days ago

you suck    

you are all idiots. So quick to judge before hearing both sides of the story. mikeovercastsucks dot com

2235 days ago


OMG !! someone has filed a lawsuit. This kind of thing happens to honest hard working people all the time. Dang Jesse James, bet your glad you won't be GOING TO JAIL VERY SOON and you ALWAYS PAID YOUR FEDERAL INCOME TAXES. Wheew that's good to know, Don't sweat it. You'll have your day in court. Hi, I'm not part of the bitter ex-wife's stalker club..

2235 days ago


He's not the best looking man in the world so how did he ever hook up with THE ONE THE ONLY Sandra Bullock- who by the way I'd like to ride hard and long like my chopper and do you think that Jesse and Sandra have ther periods at the same time? oh Jesse did I make you mad are you going to cry now. Fix the dent's in your ulgy face you little bitch.

2234 days ago


I hope they get theirs, they are one of many that have been screwed by that turd. He screws his family friends employees and fans and his company goes through employees constantly especially the ladies that he f*cks. Him and his wife must agree that he can screw all his female employees, strippers and other ladies that he wants or else she is just oblivious. He cheated on his first two wives so nothing has changed. Go TJ.

2227 days ago

Shine On    

Karma is a BITCH!!! HAHA Jesse.. TJ RULZ!!!

2225 days ago


You people are dumb asses Jessie is a hard working GREAT Bro and good guy.When i was down and out in l.b.c And needed a hand he helped.Look in the mirror aholes and realize he has people working for him that are likely to blame..You all wish you had a life enough to owe some one that kind of scratch Dream on Suckers

2224 days ago


yes. a lot of the comments here are bs, but he does screw a lot of people. both literally and figuratively. His extra-marital activities are no secret to many. Sandy must allow it, otherwise she is completely blind and stupid. And, he does go through employees rather quickly, but that could be both of their faults. Who cares.

He seems to be getting into lots of trouble lately. Wonder if wifey's publicist is having a heart attack. Can't be good for her squeaky clean persona.

2223 days ago

Steve Esposito    

Jesse is not a Crook...He builds great cars & bikes...I happen to know about this lawsuit & it is no where true by anymeans!!

647 days ago

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