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Dash: Baby Mama Won't Give My Boy Back!

9/8/2008 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rap mogul Damon Dash's baby mama is holding his son "hostage," we're told -- and Dash is hauling her into court this morning so he can see the kid.

A source tells TMZ Linda Williams -- who's the mother of Damon Dash II, aka "Boogie" -- hasn't allowed Damon to see Boogie. So Dash's lawyer, Robert Wallack, has filed a motion to make Linda physically bring the son to court.

Williams has made an extensive litany of claims about Boogie's treatment as Dash's son, claiming he hasn't had running water and electricity in his house, among other things. Damon's lawyer denies all of this.


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Who is this one now? Another big "mogul" of rap with baby moma problems. Oh snap! This is what happens when the young and uneducated get more money in their pocket than they deserve. Thi society is getting dumber by the second.

2205 days ago


When you blast the "uneducated" please make sure that your spelling is correct too, ?thi? is not a word recognized in the ENGLISH language! You need not be so judgemental, just because he is a rapper it seems to me that he is at least taking the time to see his son. With that being said, try looking around at how many other dad's live with thier kids and try or even let alone want to see their kids. Dash, I give you credit for taking matters into your hands so that your "baby mama" will step up to the plate and let you see Boogie, Boogie is my nick name too so he must be a good kid. Best of luck.

2205 days ago


"more money in their pocket than they deserve",

Thats a pretty stupid statement. This guy is a "mogul" as you say that goes to work everyday running a record label. Whatever he got he got it playing the "game" that was layed out already. I'm sure the distributor for all the records that he produced made more money than he did so I guess they got "more money in their pocket than they deserve" too. Stop hatin and get a job or a better job.

2205 days ago


Hey, guys! How about waiting 'til you're in a solid relationship with a sane woman before popping out kids?

2205 days ago


What's with the open gob on these guys all the time?

2205 days ago


Why is TMZ still calling him a mogul? He's a former mogul who has bleeding money for years now. I think it might be time for him to turn to the Lord.

2205 days ago

northern gypsy    

hey...he may be a "mogul"in his business...but...lacks the same savvy in woman!!!..on a positive note...he wants access to his son...hope they can work it out...

2205 days ago


good for her! - I've known one of these parties for many years and she was around long before anyone knew his name - Damon Jr doesn't deserve to be treated like this from his father - he should be part of a loving family that his mother has to offer - for those siding with Dash - how many times have you pics of him and his wife and baby girl - and how many times have you seen pics of him and his son??

2205 days ago


and how many times have you seen pics of him and his son??
RE:, this that the storyline is about. You say you've "known" one of the parties for years-then that would mean you should know that he and his son have been seen all over when he was younger. Be a supported that Dame and Linda work their differences out instead having confusion. Now Boobie is of some age where were these "concerns" Linda should have had years ago about where Dame had their son as opposed to now (i'm just sayin') ROCAFELLA Y'all!

Dame not having water and con-ed-C'mon who in their right mind would even believe anythhing like that. I wish and pray the judge allows this brother that right to be in his sons like instead of siding with a BBW (Bitter-Black Woman) lord knows we have enough of them!!!

2205 days ago


Whats up with these broads who think they have to have the same money as the dude making it? I feel for you Dame. Get ya son!

2205 days ago


TMZ may want to the facts straight - I just spoke with one of the parties directly and Damon Jr has been with said "baby mama" for several weeks now - people should know Facts and not hearsay when it comes to any of these stories - How does any person reading or commenting on these stories know how the child is treated - Just because one is known by the media for a company he was ousted from and "important celebrity friends" who no longer associate with him doesn't make him a great dad - and just because said "baby mama" isn't known doesn't mean she's doing this for the money or recognition or for any other reason than trying to save her son and protect him - Also - Damon jr is almost 17 yrs old - you think he can make up his mind who he would want to spend his time with - and by next yr there will be no custody issues - one less story TMZ needs to write about - so make any all comments or judgements you want - just remember - unless you know the facts -your comments are crap!

2203 days ago

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