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The Original Angelina

9/9/2008 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Does Angelina Jolie have all her original parts? Judge for yourself. These photos were taken when she was a teenager.


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well damn. She is so cute. Both of her bio daughters will probably grow up looking just like her.

Too me she looks pretty natural... maybe a slight nose trim but nothing else. Who hasn't had a nose job in Hollywood? I think Brad Pitt has had some major subtle work over the years on his nose, cheeks, and eyes.

2172 days ago


She had a nosejob. I totally noticed that when I watched the THS on her & even her phtots from her early 20's taking weight loss into consideration are totally different - not even close.

2172 days ago


Her old nose - as displayed in these photo's - had a piggy tip. On a larger image you can see it more clearly. Everyone in Hollywood makes changes and she really enhanced her beauty by having the piggy nose tip fixed.

2172 days ago


Yeah, I don't think boobies do much growing after 25. Especially after having children (especially if you breastfeed!!). At that point, you usually lose a little tissue and they are smaller. I will say that a doctor I worked with once commented that having children made his wife boobs bigger. Who knows. I think in Hollywood, its almost a standard to have them done. My kids picked a pool over mom having perky boobs and a flat tummy!!!!!!!! My husband just doesn't seem to mind!!

2172 days ago

Hardworking but broke    

I hate to tell you know-it-alls, but a woman's breasts CAN continue to grow larger well after puberty. I was always very petite.. a size zero with no boobs or body at all. Then, when I was about 18 or 19, I went on the Pill. Somehow, I packed on 30 pounds, got some curves in my hips and FINALLY grew my boobs! I went from an "A" to a "C" around the age of 19. As I get older, my cup size continues to fluctuate with any weight loss or gain. I'm now in my 30's and my boobs still change from "C" to "D" whenever I get fat or lose weight!

2172 days ago

Mommy Dearest    

Gorgeous! Wished I looked like that!

2172 days ago


HA who posts and calls themself 'stupid" hahaha. And duh a woman's breast size fluctuates with weight gain...but I guess your name pretty much explains a lot.....

2172 days ago

osama barrack hussein    

Is that miley cyrus ???

2172 days ago


Definite Rhinoplasty, but very well done.

2172 days ago


Of course she's had work-look at her eyes for God's sake.

2172 days ago


even more beautiful then.....i wonder TMZ more lame now or back when it first started?

2172 days ago

Oh Canada    

Anyway you slice it Angie is stunning. A minor nose job doesn't magically transform an "ugly duckling" into a Goddess, and AJ is a Goddess.
Her physical beauty is in the shape of her stunning eyes, her beautiful smile, and her out of this world awesome lips. You can't get those from a plastic can but you'd end up looking a little freakish like Lisa Rinna, or poor Nikki Cox.

Angelina was a beautiful child, teenager, and is now a gorgeous woman who is the image of her mother. It really is a moot point whether you ladies or men like her looks or not, I am sure for some women it's easier to find her unattractive since there's no way in hell you could ever look like Angelina Jolie; men, as whoorish as you'd like to think she is, she wouldn't touch most of you with Brad's d*ck.

Take heart, Ms.Anniston's average looks (and they are average) are much more common.....her thin lipped, beady eyed face is the one that most of you see as your neighbor, colleague, classmate or when you look in the mirror. That's okay, we're all suppose to believe we're beautiful when we look in the mirror,...

2172 days ago

ANAL DriP    

Yah, I'm on a starvation diet and thats the first place I lose weight too! I my BOOBS.

2172 days ago


Here is a question. Celebs mostly seem to have C-Section deliveries when they have their babies. Do you think that is so that the births can be privately scheduled or do you think they have c-sections so that a plastic surgeon can come right on in and fix em up before they ever even leave the hospital???? That's my Giant conspiracy theory!! What do you think. I mean, obviously some people are forced to have -sections like it or not (especially with twins), but I'm just wondering about the rest.......

2172 days ago

Evelyn Elaine Dermer    

WOW I see the blind were voting today... How else to explain how 68% of you could think she currently has the nose she was born with?

2172 days ago
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