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Star Bypasses Big D Fight

9/10/2008 8:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star Jones just dropped a big one.

She and Al Reynolds were supposed to be in court yesterday for the start of their big divorce -- except it didn't happen because they're settling out of court. Her rep says the pair -- who got married in the subsidized wedding of the century -- have reached an "amicable settlement" and are "moving on."

Especially now that Star's got her new meal ticket -- a chef.


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Betcha she'll have that bubble butt back of hers in no time.

2242 days ago


she looked so much better fat! she is one fugly, arrogant woman.

2242 days ago


Her face was prettier when she was heavier. She needs a face and eye lift to get rid of all that extra skin!!!

2242 days ago


she's a lawyer so she knows what goes on inside the court could be messy...she wouldn't want any stuff/dirty laundry which will make her appear to be the evil one.....thus they have reached an "amicable settlement" and are "moving on."....Maybe there's truth to the rumours (i.e. the type of man she married - thou he had to explain himself on you tube) she does not want them validated.....This woman is so much into herself....she thinks she's so great that she had her own show ... gee it even still on? btw..she did look better when she was heavier...she had her secret operation to lose the weight she looks really old.....

2241 days ago

Hardworking but broke    

I wonder if they intend on repaying all the sponsors who paid for the wedding that didn't last...

2241 days ago

40 CAL    

I think the judge would request a bag for both there faces if they came to court maybe thats why they gotta settle it outside of court

2241 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

this cow should just dissappear under the rock she crawled out from under

2241 days ago


I cannot BELIEVE people are still talking about these 2!! It's so old news. Let it go already!

2241 days ago


She should get a job swimming around at Sea World.

2241 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

For some odd reason, Star seems to be the most vilified woman on TMZ (by your readers, anyway). She doesn't deserve this hatred.

Yes, she grabbed a lot of freebies and used to be fat and misled people about her gastric bypass surgery.

But it also seems she is hated for not being their version of the great American beauty, and that's simply unfair. And cruel.

2241 days ago


Damn, she is SO unattractive. Her head looks like a bobble head doll! I was at an elegant party once and she was in attendance. I later learned that she ruined the host's white sofa because Star was wearing body makeup on her shoulders, arms and hands and it rubbed off onto the couch fabric -- lots of it! She is SO gross!

2241 days ago


Carolyn, folks don't hate her nessessarily for her looks, or lack thereof, but for her arrogant attitude....and her gime gime gime wedding. She wanted to be "THE PRINCESS" as do all brides, but didn't take the time to really get to know the guy, just snapped him up becaue he was cute and would have her, or so it seems...this is the impression it seems most people have anyway.

She IS a pitiable creature however, not much to look at, has those hideous unnatural eyes (that she can't help) but nevertheless they DO take being under the influence of SOMETHING to stomach (OH, SORRY). Her new show was promptly cancelled, no one wants to hear her grunt and breath wierdly as she does, struggling for breath, she really SHOULD get that taken care of....and the public is pretty sick of her in general. Lied about her stomach surgery, no one bought it, we all know she had the surgery, yet she thought she could get away with faking us out. She is villified for being fake, thinking too highly of herself (conceit) and being just downright annoying. The View without her is so much more if they would just get rid of that moron Sherry Shepard!!

2241 days ago


Star Jones does deserves a true love in her life and I hope she found him. I also think that her personality was so much better when she had a few pounds on her body. She lost weight and personality at the same time how is that possibile? True love is that person that will be still sitting beside in the rocking chair on your porch when you're both in your 90"s.

2241 days ago


I think Ms. Jones attitude has changed since she lost the weight. She seems to be stuck up all of a sudden. She seem to forget Al accepted her when she was fat, and didn't care.She is heartless and mean now, and don't smile like she used to. She is always frowning up at the camera's.
Surgery has changed her. She is acting in a way that the "old star jones" would never have acted.

2221 days ago

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