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Jamie Lynn Decoy

Triggers Investigation

9/12/2008 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Imagine flying into L.A., when cops ask you to become part of a Britney Spears decoy caper.

Take a look at this video. The pappers thought the woman flanked by LAX police was Jamie Lynn Spears, who flew in yesterday on Delta. Now here's where the plot thickens.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that, on Tuesday, someone from Britney Spears' camp contacted LAX police, asking for a security escort. The way the cops understood the call, Britney was flying in Wednesday with Jamie Lynn, her baby and Lynne.

At the last minute, cops found out Britney was not on the plane. They still were sympathetic because a bunch of pappers were at the airport waiting for Jamie Lynn. Cops were concerned her baby might be at risk in a pap crush, so they allowed Jamie Lynn and crew to exit the plane onto the tarmac, where a car drove them away.

Now here's where it gets good. For some reason, the cops wanted to fool the paparazzi, so they got a random woman on that flight who kinda sorta looked like Jamie Lynn and asked her if they could escort her to baggage claim. She said yes, and the ruse began.

By the way, we've learned there's an internal investigation because some big wigs in the police department are pissed.


No Avatar


Now that was funny!!! Serves that Pap right for getting suckered into that litle cherade.

2241 days ago


It fooled all the paps...they were all yelling Hey Jamie How's the baby and stuff. They didnt know she was a decoy either. So I guess it worked. I bet it was fun for the woman being swarmed by all those paps and having her picture taken and being escorted by security. Most people will never get to see what that would be like.

2241 days ago

Big Joe    

Okay your right. I looked it up. Buffett is the man on top with 62 billion. Carlos Slim Helu from Mexico City is right behind him at 60 billion. But you gotta admit John is pretty stupid with that comment.

2241 days ago


I hear from an inside source that Brittney is going to purchase a house for
her little sister upwards of NINE Million dollars!!!!
When is this family going to get off the Britney GRAVY TRAIN???
Kevin, her mom, dad and sister need to make their own money!

2241 days ago


My child is dangerous of diseases,being kills,or rape. But now that I know that Jamie spears baby in dangerous pictures being taken .Oh no ,we needed that police taken from other crime. Thank you white chicks ,me and the world thank you for bring this ,real diseases to life.

2241 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

mom, if Britney wants to buy her baby sis a nice secure secluded home, tht is very generous and her choice obviously, I just pray it isn't in Los Angelas.

2241 days ago

I hate snobs!    

With national security such a problem at airports and these stupid arse cops have nothing better to do than play around with some dunce photographers...FIRE THEM. They obviously aren't smart enough to take their job seriously.

2241 days ago


Are you !@#$'ing kidding me? I mean,...we're wasting trillions of dollars between Iraq/Afghanistan,...but this is a bigger waste based on principle. I'm sorry, but these guys shouldn't be fired, however, the person who ordered them to offer this protection should be.

2241 days ago

my idea    

Waste of tax dollars?? Oh get over it... they probably weren't doing anything better anyway.

2241 days ago

registered nurse    

Malone 22 learn correct english before you blog, NOTHING you said makes sense

2241 days ago

registered nurse    

How do you know that the officers were on the city payroll and not on a part time job?

2241 days ago


I think that that was a good thing to keep jamie's baby safe and those who dont think it was great of them to think of the baby and keeping her safe are stupid as hell!!! I mean come on if you was in her place and you had a new baby and people were trying to rush you wouldnt you want the police to help you... some of you dumb people are just jackasses and only think of the negative!!

2241 days ago


Someone has got o be fired here.What a waste of tax money.What is the matter with California

2241 days ago


tax dollars hard at work. how sad.

2241 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

Aim....lmao...u hv a point , I think I can translate for u, she might have a child who will run the risk of disease , rape or being killed, and not fair that the police r protecting Jamies baby ( which isn't even there, little lone Jamie), but because all the police were there ( lol) the crimes that aren't actually happening to Malone 22 r't being tended to and she would like to thank the "white chicks' on behalf of herself and the world for bringing diseases into the world....whew....that was fun !!!!!!!!!! lmao

2241 days ago
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