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Obama Waffles Leave Racist Taste in Mouth

9/14/2008 6:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a so called "political satire," makers of a waffle mix showcasing Barack Obama have many calling it a racial stereotype that goes waaay too far.

The offensive material includes such gems as Obama wearing an Arab-like headdress on the top flap of the box, while the back of the box depicts Barack in stereotypical Mexican dress. The recipe includes a tip: "While waiting for these zesty treats to invade your home, why not learn a foreign language?"

The men who created the controversial Obama Waffles sold their lack of genius for $10 a box during the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. this week. Organizers have since cut off sales, saying they had not realized the boxes displayed "offensive material."

The Obama campaign declined to comment.


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Aunt Jemima is uber rich and has white folks working for her these days.

2175 days ago


I wonder if he sings Camptown Races while they cook?

2175 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Jcline, I take it you have never learned any American slang. Putting lipstick on a pig as meant wasting time on something that is useless or meaningless. In Minnesota the rough equivalent is "Never wrestle with a pig. You won't win and it might annoy the pig."
And yes, Aunt Jemima is a syrup not a waffle mix and yes indeed there are now white people working for the company. But that doesn't change the fact that it was intended as "Jim Crow" when it started. So for a new company to be started which uses the old "Jim Crow" references is racist. It was back then and it still is now.

2175 days ago


Posted at 9:01PM on Sep 14th 2008 by Markus

Let me help you, Obama disciple. The correct spelling for one particular word you used repeatedly in your post is SENSE not SINCE!

I think your Southern accent (and schooling in the public school system) is showing through your writing.

2174 days ago


OMG I can't believe you are saying that lipstick on a pig is a sexist comment.....If that's the case then you need to call, JOHN MCCAIN sexist as well, because did he NOT say that back in 2004???? What about all the other republicans that said that EXACT same saying years ago...Oh I get it.,,If a BLACK man says it it's SEXIST, but if a WHITE man says it, it's okay....Right....and they say Racism doesn't exsist anymore...Yeah, right...Try walking in a BLACK persons shoes for a chance, I am sure you would your mind would change quickly!

2174 days ago


That is simply appalling. Those idiots should not only be bitch-slapped, they should be publicly vilified and denounced as racist pigs. It would be extremely gratifying to see these guys impaled butt-first on Sarah Palin's shotgun. I would be first in line to pull the trigger. Disrespectful, bigoted morons!

2174 days ago

Just sayin'    

Since when does tmz care about someone being offended?

2174 days ago


Its not suprising to see all the post's saying "Oh its just a joke". Here's a joke for you. Im working up a product.
Granpa Mccain's Cracker Barrel Crackers.. Made from white flour and pig lard... Dont get "Left Behind" Get your Cracker Barrel Crackers today! A picture of Mark Whitlock and Bob DeMoss, on each box. Coming soon.. Granpa Mccain's "Cracker Puffs"
Not chocolate. Vanilla.. Stays greasy even in milk.. Look for em at your supermarket soon.

2174 days ago

The ex-republican    

Racial humor aside, I can understand you all being against Barack because of the shade of his skin. But you can't deny the content of his character. McCain hasn't said anything reassuring about him being the next president. And by the way, He's not leaning toward "His" black people As Whadda-Do stated at 4:48PM on Sep 14th 2008 . If you read or actually paid attention and got off of McCains nuts (escuse my language), you wold know that he more than acknowledges his bi-racial bloodline. But because of jokes like these we kinda force him into a corner... It's not him with the racial issues, but people like you who generalize sterotypes.

2174 days ago

Nada Zero    

Ah, Republicans: Just as racist and ignorant as ever.

2174 days ago


After they all screamed and howled about "sexism" against Palin, I was beginning to think that political correctness had finally become cool with the right-wing.

I think the Democrats need some Sarah "pathological liar" Palin-cakes.

2173 days ago


There are a million different ways this could have been done. I can see the humor in it and I get the point. Although a product of public school and state university; and I would bet the men responsible for this have as much formal education as myself, it does not take a genius nor a degree in American History to see what is offensive about this. They could've had a picture of Obama on the front of a box a waffles and almost no one (because there's always going to be someone) would take offense. I think we are all intellengent people on this site. I think we can agree this is racist. THIS IS RACIST. This doesn't mean all white people are racist but this particualr item was made with racist intent, on purpose I believe to stir exactaly the kinda dialoge we are engaging in:)

2173 days ago


Personally, I plan to serve them to my Republican neighbors on November 5th - along with Alaskan moose sausage, after we have sent McCain and Palin packing.

2173 days ago


Waffles and politics??? I have never understood why some white people hate THEMSELVES soooo much. The current year is 2008 and ignorant whites would rather looooose their jobs, their homes, cars, not have decent medical coverage, pay high gas prices, and send their sons and daughters to die in an unnecessary war than to look at people as just people...Self-hatred, that is too funny...

2173 days ago

Mike M    

Let me give my two cents. There is Aunt Jemima pancakes, waffles, and syrup. No one can read the mind of the artist who drew the satire. It's like trying to read Obama's mind regarding lipstick on a pig. He may have been innocent when people accused him of referring to Gov. Palin as a pig. It struck me as odd that he would use a line with the word "lipstick" in it. As soon as he said "lipstick" his audience went wild with laughter. His supporters at that rally heard it as "Palin is a pig". Obama says no. Draw your own conclusions about both, but do so with honesty.

Obama sat in a racist church for 20+ years. That's a fact. Yet, we are supposed to believe he and his wife are the only people who didn't know his pastor, who performed their wedding ceremony and baptized their two children, is a proud racist. Would a white candidate get away with this if the it was an anti black racist church? When KKK leader David Duke ran for Congress in Louisiana in 1991as a Republican the Republican Party endorsed his Democrat opponent. Previously, he ran in many races as a Democrat.

McCain didn't say "we'll be there 100 years". He said we could be there for 50 or 100 years as long as our troops are not in danger. To give some perspective he pointed out that our troops are still stationed in Germany and Japan. Now the Obama campaign has an ad out that says John McCain wants to fight a war in Iraq for 100 years. An ad like that is an insult to my intelligence and from that I can only assume Obama thinks his supporters are dumb.

Obama said he was gonna raise taxes on those making $250,000 a year, not $350,000. As it stands now, 48% of working Americans pay no taxes.

2173 days ago
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