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Redneck Ron -- There's a Rat on Tater Air

9/15/2008 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ron White says he's getting scalloped by a couple ex-pilots on his "Tater Air" private jet -- and that's why he got busted for pot last week. Ron White has his own jet?

Back in May, the two Tater pilots claimed a wasted Ron charged the cockpit and threatened to crash the plane. And now Ron tells the Atlanta Journal Constitution one of these guys dropped the dime on him, resulting in his arrest on the tarmac in Vero Beach.

Best part: White says post-arrest, he's making more money than ever.


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truthfully yours    

This guy is a bum and an embarrasment to the Blue Colar Guys. I live in Vero Beach, and in the local paper he was complaining as if he was too good to be arrested. I can't imagine airline pilots making up this story for any other reason except the fact that White was endangering the flight while under the influence. Why guys like Foxworthy, Larry, and Engval put up with this booze swigging, swaggering, pot smoking loser is a mystery to me. He doesn't realize he has a problem, and he is the least funny of all of them.

2228 days ago


If you are making more money than ever....then get some help. A drunken rampage I saw on You Tube turned me against this comedian. He was one of my favorites until I saw that.

2228 days ago


I saw this jackass at the Laugh Factory a couple times, a few months ago and he is a wreck!.

His drunk act isn't an act. He was so wasted that he jacked up his jokes, spilled his booze down the front of his shirt (unaware of course) and never realized that we were laughing at him for being an unfunny sloppy drunk, not his lame act. He stumbled off the stage thinking he rocked. He drove home drunk that very night (saw the piece of that here on TMZ with video)

The second time again at the Laugh Factory, he bombed so badly and this time he knew it. You'd have thought we were to blame for him getting so loaded that he couldn't finish a joke. He caled us a few names and stomped off the stage, at which point some funnier guy came and picked up the unfunny slack.

Ron White is a loser and a boozer. I hope the police in Vero Beach bust his loaded azz.

2228 days ago


He makes enough money doing THAT to own a private jet?! I'm in the wrong business.

2228 days ago


Ok guys. I NEVER post comments, but this time I just have to.
I know Ron. He's not like that, these guys are just trying to get money, don't believe everything you read!
Ron is an easy target for people like this because he's so open and trusting. Hardly faults.

2228 days ago


#5, Did he or did he not have marijuana on him??? If he did have pot on him then how is it the former pilots fault??? Last time I checked having pot on you is ILLEGAL in 50 states.......Maybe Ron's next CD or Comedy Special should be called " ACCOUNTABILITY".....

2228 days ago


I've been an RW fan for years. His tours with the other guys, Foxworthy, Engvall and Larry, have been painfully funny; you laugh until your tummy hurts and you're crying. But we saw him, alone as the headliner, last year, here in California. He SO sucked. He was already drunk when he hit the stage. He continued to drink onstage. He counted on the audience to provide his trademark lines. Quite unfunny...on the other hand, we caught Bill Engvall in Reno last year - what a riot. Almost peed my pants

2228 days ago

Gospel Elvis    

I live in Vero Beach. Sorry I did not go to this concert. He is soooooo funny!!! I am looking forward to seeing him the next time he comes to Vero Beach. We love ya Ron!!!!!!

2227 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Love you RON!!!! I'm sure you don't give a rat's azz what these negative TMZ perfect people are saying about you. YOU ROCK! And keep laughing all the way to the bank. Can't wait until you use this in your next stand-up routine.

2227 days ago


Ron got him a black hooker and he ask her who she was .she said "I Da Ho Tater" He was in Vrgas and playing Black Jack. He told a guy the round things he was playing with were his "Tater Chips" Sometimes I kill my self.

2227 days ago


Vero Beach is known as zero beach to locals.

2227 days ago

Jimmy Phillips    

Ron, we love ya man, you're the best!!!!

Ron White, known alias's beep..beep...beeeeeeeeeep...."tater salad"....also known as "tater"....and "smashed tater" and/or "hash brown"{;o)

2227 days ago


He is married to a rich woman.
A STUPID rich woman...but that is probably supplementing his income as a cappy comic.

2227 days ago


#10....Next time you should follow through.

2227 days ago


to #1:

According to press reports Ron was quite cordial with the cops and even sent them pizza after he was sprung. he also took full responsibliity for violating Fla law. You dont know what the hell you're talking about, see this:

Published reports about the pilots' complaints refer to them as disgruntled ex-employees who are suing for severance pay. They aren't "airline pilots" they were private pilots who were fired for not doing what their employer asked them too, That's why they complaiined, and I wish them luck getting hired by anyone else after they try to sue and rat out their former employer.. lol

Do a little research before you stat flapping your trap for all the world to see

2227 days ago
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