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Lawsuit Claims Playboy Plays Dirty with Blacks

9/18/2008 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe there's a reason all of Hef's girlfriends are blonde-haired and blue-eyed.
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Terri Hughes was a producer for the Playboy Radio show "Night Calls." Hughes claims during a live broadcast, she was asked to repeatedly "wax" the "ass" of co-host Christy Canyon. She alleges Canyon created a hostile environment by, among other things, "exposing her genitals and breasts to co-workers, making requests to guests and co-workers to touch her genitals and breasts, and masturbating herself with her own hands as well as with various sex toys during live broadcasts of 'Night Calls.'"

Hughes, who is African-American, alleges that when a host of another Playboy show -- who was also an African-American woman -- requested for Hughes work on her show, the executive producer of Playboy Radio warned, "I don't know how to say this, and it might offend you, but I'm just going to say it anyway -- no Negro shows."

Hughes is seeking unspecified damages. Calls to Playboy were not immediately returned.


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I want to work where Christy Canyon works.

2162 days ago


you people? segregate yourselves? separate but equal...

grammys. emmys. oscars. how many black people you see winning those?

we have our own because we have to acknowledge ourselves when no one else does. or they only acknowledge us when we look like idiots and shuck and jive.

i don't agree with the term "african-american" either. i'm an american. of african descent but american first. my people built this joint. FOR FREE!

with all the irish/italian/armenian americans around, why is it such a big deal when the prefix is african?

and, i don't care where i work (outside of a porn set) i don't want to see anybody masturbating. that is not for the workplace. and, this is a radio show. wtf?

2162 days ago


If it wasn't racist for that dude the other night to make fun of Mexicans, than neither is this. The person was just poorly spoken and probably meant she or he didn't want any of the trash shows like on BET or the wannabe-diva trash. Also, it's hard to see that sexuality would be offensive if you're working for a sexually explicit and exploitative magazine. Sounds like this woman is just greedy and doesn't want to work for her money.

2162 days ago


First of all this has nothing to do with HEF. Second of all, how can you call sexual harassment when you work in a sex filled enviornment???? She wants to make money and that is all there is to it. Christy Kicks A@#. I Love Night Calls, and it think it is funny when she tells people to wax her A@#. People need to get over themselves. There is no chance that this lawsuit is going to stand up in court. Luv Ya Christy Canyon and Night Calls

2159 days ago


As a very loyal fan of both the super lovely Christy Canyon and Playboy Radio
for many years it disappoints me to hear of this possible lawsuit from Terri

I have been lucky enough be a guest of the Playboy Radio show Night Calls and
all the cast and crew are very friendly. It appears to me what the hostesses
want to do is get an up-close and hands-on approach to the widely popular
subjects of sex and romance. When it comes to her claiming "wax that ass" that
was a term for grooming when I was on the show. There have been multiple guests
on the show that have been groomed to improve their appearance to their special
friends and partners.

Playboy has been an outstanding example of a company that prides itself on
beauty and generosity towards its many fans. People of multiple races and
ethnicities have appeared and work for Playboy throughout the world.

One can only hope the best for all members in this possible lawsuit and
everything works out peacefully and respectively with minimal repercussions.

Thank you
Lon Maya

2157 days ago


I do not think the owner of play boy is racist but i think the people he has in charge are doing damage to the companys reputation. they are waging wars with the wrong people. i hear they are trying to shut down the free adult social network play boy social or this is the link , if they allowed black on there magazine covers in the 50's & 60's then they should leave this site alone. because its all about freedom of speech and the rights to be heard.

1429 days ago
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