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Ms. Jackson Gets Nasty

9/18/2008 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wearing Sanjaya's ponyhawk and some dominatrix fetish gear, Janet Jackson got freaky on the Thunderdome stop of her tour last night.

FCC be damned, Janet has finally figured out how to make fans sit through her entire show.

Janet Jackson


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Lets face it Janet can dance better than Madonna and not gonna even mention Britney Spears..and I love Madonna but
she is not a singer either..nobody can out dance the Jacksons..few have tried..back street boys..Timberlake..they all
copied there you go!!

2229 days ago


I guess she's in Control!

2229 days ago


Why does keep trying to push this over sexed bondage thing? It has kill her career.

2229 days ago


Janet is at least 43 years old and embarrasing herself. She never could sing and I am so tired of the over sexed act. She should stick to her midget boyfriend, Jermaine Dupre.

2229 days ago


Ok, with titles like CONTROL and DISCIPLINE what the heck did you expect? Pink kitty cats with fluffies and sparkles? Wake up, ya'll. Ms. Jackson likes her some S&M. She's pierced, in more places than her nipples, has appeared heavily corseted and a good portion of her wardrobe is fetish related. Granted those things alone don't make a Domina, but I think it's a safe bet. This isn't a new thing, this is stuff she's been into for years. She's lifestyle BDSM by my guestimation and if that's her thing, more power to her. Think I might have to go catch her show :)

2228 days ago



2228 days ago


whatever, she's probably a total bore in real life in the bedroom dept

2227 days ago


Madonna DID NOT do this 10yrs ago LIAR. Janet has done this since the Velvet Rope days. I'm a fan of both Madonna and Janet J and it's so unfair to say she has copied Madonna. Janet and Madonna have mutral respect for each other as artist and back in the day Madonna was hanging out with Micheal Jackson because she wanted pubilcity...she used Michael and many others and did whatever it took to keep her star shining, just like she did when she kissed Britney on MTC show. Madonna is 8 yrs older than Janet ...yet Janet has been in the business longer. Janet is the one who started the cordeless mic (control) video.....which Madonna started using in her shows right after, EVERYBODY KNOW THAT..Janet is the one who started the pulling guys on stage...EVERYBODY KNOW THAT. I've seen Beyonce w/ Destiny Child, Britney Spears and Madoona use this is their shows after janet. My guess is some of you people have never been to a concert before or your not familiar with the careeers of Janet and Madonna . ...where have you been UNDER A ROCK. Janet is a trailblazer and a trendsetter...Kelly Rowland acme out and admitted that, they're always watching to see what Janet is wearing or wht she going to do next and when she said that one MTV ( ICON) show with Beyonce standing by clearly not liking that Kelly was spilling the beans. Janet, started the wedge hairdo look (although, it's from back in the day) since she rocked it Rhianna cut her hair to rock it and Katie Holems still rocks it today. Janet is the first to start wearing a tatoo on her lower back near her booty...OMG just about every girl in America got a tatoo don't tell me people are not interested. Whenever she changes her hair color, Ciara changes hers jsut like clock work. Janet quotes are stolen as well. When asked in 2000 why she kept her marriage a secret for all those years, she said because she's been in the public eye so long, she wanted something for herself" and low and behold Jay-Z , Beyounce, Jessica Simpson...all the freakin artist are quoted as saying the same thing when asked about personal business......guy be you ....don't do she says "if it's been done I don't want to do it"......get a life people and stop hatin. Janet I can't wait til your next project....and I want to be the first to say I have it and finally your dipping into something I like...keep it a secret until December.

2226 days ago
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