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"Transformers Curse" -- More Than Meets The Eye

9/20/2008 5:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TransformersWhat in the name of Optimus Prime is going on with the "Transformers" cast and crew?! First Shia's car accident, then director Michael Bay's apartment gets broken into, and now another member of the crew has been injured.

A special effects technician received second and third degree burns on his right hand and upper right thigh, while attempting to add fuel to a special effect fire.

We're told the tech grabbed the wrong container -- one containing gasoline instead of the diesel fuel -- and the on-set medics and ambulance responded, taking him to the hospital for treatment.

Sources tell us all stars from the movie were on set at the time of the accident.


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2232 days ago



2232 days ago

hanjob solo    

Optimus Prime? I'd bang him...

2232 days ago


It is called Karma.

2231 days ago

A Noun    

Perhaps the moral of the story is, Don't lay waste to a carefully crafted backstory with your idiotic special effects festival.

2231 days ago


Did anyone say Bernie Mac???

2230 days ago


There is no "Curse". Just a bunch of idiots on the set. Come on people! The only curse here is "The curse of being functionally retarded".

2230 days ago

RIta luisa    

Transformers is even pretend anything in it has meaning is to give it a moment of truth which it doesn't deserve...

1520 days ago


I think there is a lot of unprofessionalism going on this set that makes it sound like a curse. For example, there should have been better road blocks and better security. This could have stopped the wrecks that happened on the set. I am also curious to know if they did a follow up with the city to make sure that the busy streets used were known to all emergency personnel on a daily basis. This road could be a short cut to get across to another section of town and the film company decided to use that location for filming.

The set also lacked staff (or are short of) to secure machinery before filming began. Even before I tow my car with my truck, I double check to make sure that everything is in working order before taking it out on the road. You have to be responsible since that is the main oath of having a license of anything in the first place.

I think too many people are rushing too fast on the set to get things finished up. If you rush too fast on something, you're going to screw up even more which will also only slow things down even more. It is best to go slow and steady than go the other route any day of the week. Plus, going slow and steady with less mistakes also will save a person more money and headaches in the end. Film companies need to realize it's not just about money here. They are dealing with people's lives and family members on that set as well.

1443 days ago

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