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Where's the Beef? It's in the Alley

9/24/2008 7:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A "Top Chef" wannabeen just opened a fancy burger joint in D.C. One little problem -- the meat's been spotted outside the bun, and the kitchen, for that matter.

Good Stuff, the restaurant just opened by Spike Mendelsohn from season four of the Bravo cook-off, got cited by the D.C. Department of Health for keeping its meat in an alleyway instead of in a fridge. A picture on WTOP showed food sitting in an alleyway on a day when it was 90 degrees out.

We talked to a Good Stuff staffer this morning who told us there's no meat to the allegations -- he says the picture was taken right after a delivery, and it was quickly taken inside. So that's where the Angus comes from.


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not first    

what the hell is a "wannabeen". thats the second straight post you've used this word in. maybe that "wannabeen" fabio you have working there should learn how to proof read.

2220 days ago


Hey first poster, classic. I couldn't have said it any better. You pathetic TMZ staffers have nothing better to do then put a guy who lost a cooking show, (he should have been in the top 3 imo) and shoot boxes behind his restaurant, then claim they were sitting out there for hours in 90 degrees, and took a vid of it. Wow you guys really are lame! No wonder no celebrity can stand you!

2220 days ago


Ironically - the alley is probably more sanitary than the meat. Where did you get your "reporter"? He sounds like he's been on Sanford and Son - good job!

2220 days ago


wannabeen is wannabe &
hasbeen sliced & put together
to make wannabeen. :]

2219 days ago


They need to stop smoking to much CRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Put down the pipe and theJackAnd stop smoking Crack Cause Crack Is Wack Crack Is Wack SAVE AMY SAVE HER BEFORE ITS TO LATE CHEERS

2219 days ago


where is my comment tmz?????

2219 days ago


McCain-Palin 08

2219 days ago

Bill NM    

If youi expect to have any credibility, it might be best to use reporters with IQ's somewhat higher than an artichoke.

2219 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I missed season four of the cook-off.

2219 days ago


Whether or not they are responsible for having left the food in the alley behind the restaurant for any length of time, I can't say, but...having actually eaten here, I have to say that "Upscale Burger Joint" is a misnomer. Knowing that this guy has talent and creativity led to great disappointment when i found that the food i was served was not of any higher quality than what you'd get in a fast food restaurant. Spike can do so much better than this and just isn't.

2219 days ago


You call this a story Tmz *Yawns* I am pretty sure it wasnt left out for long, and If I am ever in the D.C area I will go to his restaurant. Granted I may just get fries, but I will go( j/k). I loved watching Spike on Top Chef he rocks.

2219 days ago


I so wanted to get in the middle of Spike/Andrew sandwich....

2219 days ago


I wass not impressed when Spike was on the TV show. Too much ego and attitude.

2219 days ago

Ep Sato    

I contacted the Mendelsohn's about this article (Spike's family runs the restaurant with him), and they noted that the health inspector returned a week after the initial complaint and found nothing wrong. They offered to send me a copy of the clean bill of health they got and everything.

According to what I was able to gather, the photo was taken by a neighbor right after the delivery truck came by and was NOT a photo taken by the "reporter" from news radio WTOP who claims he was responsible for the picture.

I've eaten at Good Stuff plenty of times and can say the place is a lot more than just about celebrity worship or fast food. Spike's people make fantastic burgers and add the right spices to make fries that are worth coming back for. In fact, I was in there today and got a lunch bag. My burger was probably the best I've had in DC. I was a mega fan of Ben's Chili Bowl and 5 guys before Spike came to town. Now I can't fathom anyone's burgers except for those made by the people at Good Stuff Eatery.

Hate on Spike if you want to (his Top Chef Appearances provide plenty of fodder, and he himself is good at self deprciative humor), but his restaurant is great and he's got a wonderful staff working for him. Rumors of this health department nonsense are blowing a non-issue totally out of proportion.

2214 days ago

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