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David Bitterman? Spurned Host Rips McCain

9/25/2008 3:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Letterman absolutely tore John McCain a new one on Wednesday's show, after McCain supposedly called Dave at the last minute to cancel his appearance because he had to "race to the airport" to go watch after our crappy economy.
But here's the kicker: Later on, Dave cut to live footage of Johnny boy getting his makeup done for an interview with Katie Couric -- only a couple blocks away from Dave's studio and far from an airport.

After Dave busted McCain with his pants down, he used the opportunity to rail his elder some more.


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my my my    

David Letter man is sooooooooooooooooooo old and so rude and so phoney and he needs to go who cares what he thinks or does, he has alot of room to talk when he never married his kids mom, LOSERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

2219 days ago


Well, well, well......we have one person that is for Obama that spells fire, fiar and others that think Obama is for the people. Let's see, McCain wants to postpone his debate and his public appearances so that he can go back to Washington to work on the 700 billion dollar bail out, while Obama wants to continue his campaign and wants the debate to continue on as scheduled. The Democrats think that Obama should continue with his plans and screw the importance of the bailout which has a nationwide consequence. Letterman, on the other hand, wants to show his ass by slamming McCain for cancelling his appearance on the show because Letterman doesn't care about the bailout because he's got money and will continue to keep getting paid until what, the economy goes bottoms up, then what will Letterman do.....Talk to himself I hope. I don't rightly care who you vote for, but this Nation is in deep trouble and I'd rather see someone wanting to work at correcting it than out shaking hands and kissing Letterman's ass.

2219 days ago


Hate to say it but Letterman has jumped the shark. He's lost his edge and is acting like a very bitter man. Had been a fan of his since the early eighties, but the weird pontificating that he has been doing over the last year has turned me off the show. Also, the show is the same thing every night, every cough or laugh is on a cue card. The Top Ten lists are boring and very tired. You'd think Letterman would be happy with his life, he has a family and makes close to $40 million a year. Dave should retire and let someone else take over the show.

2219 days ago


McCain made the right decision. The economy is in crisis and needs serious attention. Just like Obama made the right decision not going on SNL during Ike, I think it would be wrong for McCain to go on an entertainment show at this time. Maybe the financial impact on Dave is minimal, but some main street americans have a lot at stake right now. Dave seems to forget that he is an entertainer. Then again, many in the entertainment industry seem to have a false sense of importance!

2219 days ago


Dave's just afraid McCain is going to do Leno instead of his low rated show

2219 days ago


Hmmm... I'll bet more people would have seen him on Letterman. Big mistake.

2219 days ago


Hey #19: don't mention God when the man you are voting for is a Muslim. Don't insult our God please! and you are so ignorant....rooting for someone that has no political experience, is a socialist and is a do you think this qualities can make this country better? Your mind is so manipulated by those bastards just like millions of other "whites" that think Obama is on their side. Just wait and see.....look what happened to Venezuela long time ago; Chavez campaigned like any other democratic candidate manipulating the minds of the poor and ignorant, and now he is freaking bastard! taking the freedom away from the people. This is what I see on Obama

2219 days ago


As a Canadian I don't know why anyone would want to vote McCain, Obama is clearly the better man. And don't tell me it's none of my business; the fact that your economy is going down the drain affects the world. Please do the right thing and vote Obama.

2219 days ago


well of course he well decline poor mcCain has to make himself look good to the whole country since he's losing his edge in the race . So he makes it look like oh drop everything and the people will think ya McCain really care not!
Get your head out of your @#$# people he's only doing this for show.
Can't have a debate on friday y cause he's not ready and the people are they most certainly should debate friday
lets hear what you have to say and stop hiding behind issues and put the real issues out there now.

2219 days ago


Funny, McCain must have his paid lackeys on here today. Did people see the article about him paying people to write letters to the editor pretending to be the moms of soldiers? He is a disgrace. Anyway, his little economic stunt will get him nowhere. He is now DOWN 9% in the polls, because people know he is clueless about economics, never needing to balance a budget after marrying Cindy McSugar, and they also know Palin is stupid enough to be talked into anything. You could seriously convince her that a $700 billion hockey stadium would jumpstart the national economy. Watch HER interview with Couric. She is a JOKE.

2219 days ago


Bottom line is McCain is doing something precious, media-loved Obama wasn't going to do. All my life the people in my po-dunk town have said Repubicans are for the rich. How many extra tax checks have Democrats sent you? And oh, my! Here's a Republican worrying about our economy, our jobs...Letterman can gripe and poke fun all he wants. Most of us aren't filthy rich for having a cynical sense of humor. I need my job to be there in 6 months, a year...

2219 days ago


McCain would have had a bigger audience had he been on Letterman. Gotta love Dave, he's the best.

2219 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

I really can't believe how gullible the American public is. The Federal Reserve is just sitting back and watching their ultimate aim come to fruition. McCain isn't and can't do diddle. Both he and Bush have been telling u how grt everything is and they r in a sink or swim position and Bush couldn't give a crap either at the end of the day., Obama will have a tough job ahead of him whipping up all the old greedy fools in Washington and Wall street. But he is ur only chance. What Obama wants, he will get and already Bush and McCain r yapping abt wht he has been saying all along. Letterman is right.

2219 days ago


#34 4 change: YOU ARE A RACIST. You are an example of everything that is wrong with America.

2219 days ago


LOL @ All of the McSame reporters sitting here talking about "well the economy is in a crisis and that is more important" Oh you think? Where was he when people have been trying to tell him this months ago? No he said the fundamentals of our economy are strong...lmao Yeah right...Just stfu with all of the pretending to be concerned...

2219 days ago
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