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Miley Knows Where the Angus Is

9/26/2008 10:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

15-year-old Miley and her 20-year-old underwear model beau Justin Gaston went out for an unchaperoned date to a bar last night ... the 8 oz. Burger Bar on Melrose.
Miley Cyrus: Click to watch
She's sticking by her story of never being late to set. We're sticking by ours.


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I am just wondering if any of you who post these negative comments realize that it is possible for kids to remain pure and innocent. I am not saying that Miley is, but there are still guys in the world who respect girls and what they stand for. Don't blame guys anyway. It is the girl that has to give. A guy only takes what he is given, so girls, keep your morals and guys will respect you. As for Miley, people need to stop judging her and he boyfriend. A relationship is not about sex, it is about respect and love.

2215 days ago


Her parents are shameless pimps. What good parent would let their 15 year old daughter go out alone with a 20 year old??? The GIRL is 15! She's not even allowed to have a driver's license! It makes me sick.

2215 days ago

Black Teef    

Hopefully he'll plug her in the butt.

2215 days ago


Billy Ray don't be stupid! This is your daughter here! Stop believing she isn't going to have sex with him. You are an idiot for letting your 15 year old date him! Wake up Billy Ray!

2215 days ago

Bash a Pap    

A twenty year old guy i dating a girl only old enough to be in 9th grade? That is sick. He is an adult. She is a child.

2215 days ago

jons an idiot    

Perhaps her plan is to have Disney fire her over inappropriate behaviors? Sorry, honey, but Vanessa Hudgens is still employed after MAJOR nudey phots of herself were leaked... Pray she doesn't become yet another unwed teen pregnancy story!

I used to think Miley's family was a family with a good head on their shoulders and a good exmple to my 14 yr old of how to live modestly... oh well, now she's just turning into another lesson of how NOT to behave. Thank God Hilary Duff is still sane... Dakota Fanning, if you're reading this, hang in there and stay strong!

2215 days ago


Geez there are some prudes in here. A grizzly 50 year old man hanging out at playgrounds with candy and lube is not the same as two kids 5 years apart going out on harmless play dates. Get over it.

2215 days ago

northern gypsy    

TMZ i'm buyin your spin on M.S. !!! why ??? previously photos of a adult nature... now see her out with a older guy...ok M.S. we get your not a kid anymore !!! signed on the dotted line...honour your legal contract...

2215 days ago


Miley is one ugly buck toothed whore. she is another paris hilton, a selfish self centered party girl. i hope she gets pregnant, has many abortions then becomes sterile. she doesn't need to reproduce

2215 days ago

Candie Cane    

She probably just blowing him! She needs someone to practice on.

2215 days ago

Big Bear    

Miley you want to have a sexual relationship with your boy pal?? You go right ahead!!! Your pervert buddies at Disney will have a cow but who really cares?? You are making your dad a living so he will not say or do anything to make you mad!!! You 2 hump like bunnies!!!!!!!!!!!

2215 days ago


any guy who is 19 and dats a 15 year old is a piece of $hit. go date someone your own age. The maturuty lvl from 15 -19 changes alot and christ, she's only 15!!!

2215 days ago


How sick!! The dude can't find a girlfriend his own age?!
And why are you posting this picture and story? This is absolutely sick, but what more can you expect from hillbilly's?!

2215 days ago


Again, this is a girl who is 15 yrs old, legally not able to drive by herself but makes MILLIONS !!!!! ...and apparently tells her parents what she feels is best for her. I saw her getting interviewed, with her mother. Well, what they said and what I have seen, are completly two different answers.

It is beyond me, why her parents would allow a 20 yr old boy to date her. I guess this 20 yr old can't find anyone to date, around his own age??? As a father, I would have a very short conversation with him and send him on his way. In calif, if an adult has intercourse with a minor ( under 18 ) ( even if consentual, that adult WILL ( not may ) be arrested.

This young girl may have money but st this point, no common sence. The parents need to be responsible and step in, to what mat become a very big mess !!!

2215 days ago


In my opinion...No 15 year old has any business dating period! My kids do not date until they're 18 and this has been such a blessing on them! No broken hearts. No worries of sex. Or if they're gonna get pregnant or an STD. I look back when i was a teen and how all my friends were out having sex. 15 is just a child! You're not mature enough to make the right choices and your hormones lead you into some trouble. Miley is out of control and so is her dad! You cannot sit there and tell me that that 20 year old man does not try to get into that little girls pants! Makes me sick and miley has turned into a typical little Ho bag of hollywood! Sucks cause my daughter likes her and i paid alot of money in clothes/concert tickets last year. No more! I can't stand her image now and i'm tossing out all my daughters hannah/miley crap!

2215 days ago
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