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Jen Aniston's Friends Come Out to Play

9/28/2008 7:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking tanned, fit and ready for action, 39-year-old Jennifer Aniston hit the beaches in Mexico yesterday.

Ella es muy caliente.


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The 90's called and they want their tv shows back!
Oops, they are still on the air!

2182 days ago


May she find somebody for a steady relationship.

2182 days ago


that's the best shot I've seen of her in a while (not some cheeky butt shot) though she looks like a female body builder here.

2182 days ago


She is the perfect woman,

2182 days ago


what does she do, besides "vacation"??? has she made any movies lately, that didn't suck? just askin'...

2182 days ago


My God this must be the only woman past her early 20s who spends every free moment sunbathing.

2182 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Jennifer, as always, look beautiful. I think she is classy and could have any number of men but she doesn't NEED a man to be complete. To "keep" Brad, all she had to do was agree to get pregnant and she was not ready for motherhood. Kudos to her for not giving into a man and staying true to herself. She may be missing John Mayer (but what do I know) but if she is, she did the right thing. You CAN'T look the other way and pretend that he isn't falling all over other women. You don't see her double dipping. Many women would do whatever just to have a man by their side. We've seen it all and read it all on this board. AGAIN, kudos to Jen for being true to herself and not compromising. Ya know, all of you males out there (and many of you woman out there), a woman DOES NOT NEED A MAN TO BE COMPLETE. To me, she appears comfortable in her own body and is free to do as she pleases .... we should all be so lucky.

2182 days ago


Like this isn't staying out've the spotlight, she's normally private every photog shot is her own making the once hawk nosed desperado-ette is never this open to being photographed, it's clearly her desperate way to get photographed..
To the tools comparing Angelina to Her below your a tool lol Get over the whole team jolie vs team Aniston, Its funny how these freaks say this maniston has a a great personality blah blah like they know her personally and rip on Angelina who did alot more for the world then lay around the beach for photogs to get a shot please can we say desperate Something is wrong with this woman, even Amy Winehouse can even make it work longer then 1 month, even the spotty Lohan can make a relationship work. Beautiful this woman is not, just has a nice body

2182 days ago

Black Teef    

Wonder if she smells good down there?

2182 days ago


Dayum. She is looking fine! Her boobs are just fine; for all you those don't seem to know the female body, Any woman that is full and natural will have a chest as beautiful as Aniston.

2182 days ago


No.3., I agree with you. I also agree with no.1 and 5. Jennifer is actually more beautiful than Jolie. Jolie looks like a biker chick. I've really never understood the fascination with her. Oh well, you know what they say. "TO EACH HIS OWN".

2182 days ago


Jen's package is all real. Guess the women on this board are a wee bit jealous of Jen's beauty. Comparing a "1" to a "10"... no contest!

2182 days ago

osama bin laden    

I agree with #22 something must be wrong. Why do these guy's leave?

2182 days ago


Well, I'm not doing anything interesting for the foreseeable future. If she'll just slip me her phone #, I'll be sure to give her a jingle...

2182 days ago



....Why does she always expose her body, but NEVER her face??...observe that in MOST pictures of her, the face is obscured by a scarf, her hair, or sunglasses.....every other time she has on make-up to detract away from the chin, no upper lip, and the HUGE this what Jenfans consider 'beautiful'??...

Also, OTHER websites like JustJared have other pictures on the same day that show her with her FACE EXPOSED, and it is BUTT UGLY!...

usually TMZ tells it like it is, but why did TMZ only choose to show the BEST picture out of the bunch, while other websites showed the 'bad' pictures as well, hmmm?

IS TMZ getting soft?.....or are you guys falling for the FOUR-YEAR MANISTON PITY-PARTY like the rest of the clueless media shows like ET...etc??

2182 days ago
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