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Metallica -- For Whom the Lawsuit Tolls

9/28/2008 6:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nothing in life is free -- unless you're famous -- but this time freebees have put Metallica's bass player in the middle of a serious legal battle.

Their new bassist, Robert Trujillo, had an existing promotional deal with Fernades Guitars in North Hollywood. For being able to use his likeness in advertising, Fernandes was giving Robert a pile of custom basses.

But Metallica has its own promo deal with ESP Guitars -- and now that Trujillo is an asset of Metallicorp, their lawyers have slapped Fernandes with a cease and desist letter demanding they no longer use Robert or Metallica's name or likeness.

Rock and roll used to be much cooler than this.


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2114 days ago

Audrina HOT    

I counted four grammatical errors in that article, TMZ. Sad...

2114 days ago


Another cheap shot from the metallicamp. Look at the HUGH issue about the new Metallica album's horrible sound quality.
There is a petition with over 12,000 sigs calling attention to the sound problems. Just take a look at the death magnetic forum on metallica's home page.

2114 days ago


12,000 signatures out of 1million plus sold worldwide...that's around 1-2%...the majority appear very satisfied with the album b/c the album sounds great.

2114 days ago


You know what I find funny? Metallica always calls their Fans and Other Bands "POSERS" ......but the money grubbing LARS, JAMES and KIRK (no I didnt mention Robert) are the BIGGEST POSERS OF ALL!!!

2114 days ago


WOW, Metallica is suing someone? Maybe it's time for them to stop making crappy music and get a second jobs suing people since they do it so often

2114 days ago


First of all, who ever wrote this article should be sent back to 5th grade. Stupid.
Second, Metallica is a bunch of whiners and scream "LAWSUIT" for just about everything. When they come out with some decent music maybe people would be willing to pay for it!!!

2114 days ago

thats right    

robert should've stuck with suicidal tendencies. they were so much better than metallica

2114 days ago

tard in the hood    

what a bunch of pansya$$e$ metallica turned into...go back to therapy

2114 days ago

a little creeped out    

I grew up in the 80's and Loved Metalica. I have lost so much respect for them throughout the years. Their music is not the same. They kicked thousands of us off of Napster. What a waste. They dissapoint me and I'm sure Im not alone.

2114 days ago

tard in the hood    

metallica was the band for years and years...then the sandman came and took them away

2114 days ago

tard in the hood    

oh yeah...lars suks

2114 days ago


It's amazing how certain bands are more worried about everything else but their music. After the Napter episode, they are hated by 99% of the music fans (the other 1% are the retards that still support these idiots). Couldn't they just quit?

2114 days ago


It's very sad what Metallica has morphed into. Their old stuff is and always will be some of my favorites but I just can't bring myself to buy any of the new stuff. Something happened after the black album and they turned against their fans. Somethin's not right inside Lars head! I downloaded the latest album after several friends tried to convince me that they were "back to normal" but after listening I'm not convinced. And now this. They obviously have no respect for the people that made them what they are.

2114 days ago


It's a shame Metallica and especially Lars has turned into greedy whiners that know the sand is leaving the hour-glass. And fast. Guess they want a sue-spree to make all the money they can. Motorhead > Metallica.

2114 days ago
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