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Pete Wentz Gives Props to Gays

9/29/2008 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Following in the heterosexual footsteps of Brad Pitt and Steven Spielberg, Pete Wentz has contributed money to fight Prop 8 and keep same-sex marriage legal in California.
Pete Wentz
Although wife Ashlee Simpson (who is about to pop) was nowhere in sight, the Fall Out Boy showed up at a No on Prop 8 fundraiser at Gallery 1988 in Hollywood on Sunday. Other civil rights supporters in the house included "Scrubs" star Sarah Chalke and members of Linkin Park.

Pitt and Spielberg have contributed $100K each to stop the anti-gay ballot initiative. No word on how much Pete donated.


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Religion and politics aside, why on earth would ANYONE care who someone else marries as long as they are two consenting adults? Being gay is not a life choice, it's a fact of life. Why should anyone be denied the basic human rights this country was built on? Gay love and gay sex are two different things just like heterosexual love is not the same thing as straight sex. Hoepfully, any couple getting married have more going for them than just a sex life. Love is love. We should support any two people who love each other.

2212 days ago



2212 days ago


That guy is just wierd looking. So strange. Ashlee Simpson could have done sooooo much better. What was she thinking???

2212 days ago


I dont know, but I think this guy is gay.
Ashley is just a front until he comes out of the closet.

2212 days ago


I think Pete secretly wants to get with his poolboy.

2212 days ago


Getting married is about love and committment, not sex or "gettin wit" someone. People should be able to marry anyone they want. They aren't hurting anyone else. BTW, I'm a white female, 55 years old, a Christian and a life long registered Republican

2212 days ago


I think No Way secretly wants to get with Obama.

She's currently sharing love and commitment with her cats.

2212 days ago


#10 - N, you are half right anyway!

2212 days ago


good for them. face it, once the government stepped in to provide civil and legal rights to married couples, it was no longer just a religious institution, but a civil one. for this reason, it's only fair and just to allow gays to marry.

2212 days ago


He looks happy to see a camera.....

2212 days ago


#8, Candice, is a real bitch. A Hater.

I'm a gay guy and don't know much about Pete Wentz, but now that I see he's a cool, secure guy, I'm going to do an Internet search for his Website and buy his latest work. I like to support those who help support us.

Peace and Love to all.

2212 days ago


Well of course he does, he is gay. I do give hime 5 snaps though for trying the "straight" life but eventually he will go back to queer.

2212 days ago


the majority of people have already decided which way to vote, if they do vote. I think most of these celebrities donate money to not for profit groups to placate the groups. How many people have not decided how they would vote? On one side, you have religious people who feel it is wrong and homophobes. the other side you have gays and liberals.(and celebrities who are trying to get press time). I wish that these people would not get much press-100K is not much at all to them, they take the easy way out on making groups happy. Why aren't anyone of them making a commercial against the proposition. Oh-pete wentz has to be at least bi-he is more feminine the his wife.

2211 days ago


Ashlee may as well face the facts that she is just a gay man's cover.

2211 days ago


First, gays are allowed to marry. Next, it's the polygimists, followed shortly by the incest freaks, and the backwoods sicko who LOVES his goat. This is only the begining. After all, "Justice for All" is what all you liberals want right? Well, lets just sit back and watch it all unravel.

2210 days ago
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