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Photos of Locklear Arrest

9/29/2008 7:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photos of Heather Locklear's DUI arrest on Saturday near Santa Barbara. The actress looks somewhat dazed as she's taken into custody. But after taking a closer look, she could have an interesting defense.
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A resident called authorities after allegedly seeing Locklear driving "erratically" in a parking lot. But the CHP didn't see her driving -- she had pulled over on her own accord before they got there. There are reports she was arrested for driving under the influence of prescription medication -- but we're told the tests are still being analyzed. As we posted yesterday, no alcohol was involved.

The bottom line -- Locklear has a lawyer with a Ty Cobb batting average, Blair Berk. Especially given that deputies apparently didn't see her driving, look for a plea bargain and very possibly a reduced charge -- e.g., reckless driving.

By the way, check out the huge rock on her finger. She was apparently staying at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito with Jack Wagner.


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The CHP are not deputies!!!!!

2180 days ago


Pictures can be taken in the public where NO expectation of privacy exists. Different PD's have their own policies on officers taking pictures of subjects and arrestee's. I take digital pictures all the time and place it in evidence as required.

2180 days ago


Leave her alone...I feel for these folks...even though I agree with Mistysmom..she looks wasted!

2180 days ago

Aussie Mom    

Oh for goodness sakes... TMZ move on. This article has been at the top of the page way too long. So she got arrested.. what is different about this than many others in the spotlight?

2180 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Heather 's problem is simple. Don't DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT DRIVE!!
DRINk until you can not stand up. Take her meds or "other non-persrcipt happy pills."
Don't drive. Hire a driver! What is sohard about that. Pick up th ephone and call oneof her celeb car services.
What ,get arested for WUI- Walking Under the Influence ,LOL , or RUI ,Riding Under the Influence.
NO!!!! Not unless the CHiPS wants multimillion lawsuit against them. Hehater is bascially a nice, good girl. Too bad she made this wrong choice..
I do feel sorry for her in that Denise Richards is lvoing this and this makes DR look like Little Miss Innocent. Charlie is cleaned up too. Pam never got in DUI. Go figure this out. Itchie Sambora ,what a waste.
I FEEL SORRY FOR AVA SAMBORA. Yeah, she is a rich child, but she is anonly chiod and one who has not one, but TWO Drunk As s holes for parents. Heather has to be arrested SAME as anyone else and have the SAME penalities as anyone else and nothing really happens to anyone else ,so there. She and anyone else who DUI can whip out a family of 4 in 5 minutes flat or less.

2180 days ago

Just Cruzin Thru    

#40 bettie....this doesn't have anything to do with LAPD...She was near Santa Barbara that is either Ventura County or I believe Santa Barbara County depending on where she was. It wasn't even in LA county...Get well Heather..

2180 days ago

Flerm Blorg    

I would totally nail her in the butt.

2180 days ago


My thoughts go out to her daughter.

2180 days ago


You know what, your theory is probably wrong because I bet you anything the officers asked her if she was driving, and she probably admitted that she was. That's about as good as a video of her driving.

2180 days ago


too cruel to have this all over the internet. the times ive seen her on talk shows ive been very impressed by her humility and grace.

2180 days ago

Back East    

To me, she looks like she's been crying and she's exhausted. Leave her alone. She's trying to get back on the straight and narrow, and this arrest (and accompanying publicity) is the last thing she needs. Go pick on Lindsay Lohan (again) if you really want to bash someone.

2180 days ago


She doesnt need to be arrested. If meds/drugs are involved she needs treatment /intervention. Just like MILLIONS of americans !! President Ronald Reagan cut costs and CLOSED ALL THE MENTAL HEALTH facilities in the 1980's....Where have these americans gone , PRISON, they are bulging with people that should not be there.with criminals ... They need treatment NOT BEING BEHIND BARS Addiction is treatable/curable! disease!!Take away her name she is a human that needs help WHICH SHE SOUGHT OUT... And is a fine tuning situation! ( AND THE RING PHOTO IS ON DENIMN AND SHE IS WEARING BLACK)....Please take a global look on this health care issue,

2180 days ago


She doesn't look drunk to me. Leave the poor lady alone...this world is a horrible place, especially when you have paps/devils all over the place. Geezzzzeee. The Police should be FIRED - How gross.

2180 days ago


Richie did Not cheat on Heather! He adored her. Stop blaming him for her actions. She's an adult and knows right from wrong.

2180 days ago


To #71:

1. Learn some proper English
2. She's different from everyone who has been divorced how?

2180 days ago
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