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Madonna: The Definition of Beauty

10/2/2008 10:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The only thing more painfully sculpted than Madonna's arms are her cheeks.

The facially gaunt 50-year-old attended Kabbalah services in NYC on Wednesday.

Despite all her spirituality, Madge is so vein.


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judy anderson    

HGH> Hormone replacement is not always good. Bet she feels great though.

2178 days ago


Hey! Ask any young dude what he thinks of Madonna, guaranteed he will say she is sexy. I grew up in the 80s and young guys loved her. She has always held her own.

2178 days ago


Madge has hit the wall!!

2178 days ago


Well it looks like Madonna has been sucking in her breath for waaay too long as she looks absolutely hideous.
Why not go and have a good meal and stop looking so emaciated. While she may actually pay to look like that, there are so many starving people in the world who look like that normally.

Will the real Madonna please return?

2178 days ago


I work out every day - there is no way a woman can achieve rhis sort of body mass without steriods or juicing. She has become so ugly; her body creeps me out.

2178 days ago


She looks awful...age gracefully and stop the surgery!!!

2178 days ago


Madonna is not a "bodybuilder", or she would look a lot better than what is seen in this shot...Her diet is not in check, she is not taking in enough protein for her level of leanness/bodyfat, (probably does not eat meat), so she is not carrying enough muscle to fill out her body with curves, a perfect example of wrong diet & workouts. give her credit for at least not being a lardass...If she would drop the fad stuff & train/diet with Rachel Cosgrove or Jenn Heath, she'd look awesome...

2178 days ago


Madonna does not remind me of a person that is truly erotic - nor sexual for that matter. She has becomed freakishly comparable to a skinny chicken that is being diasected just for the bones, then to be boiled in a pot. NOTHING sensual at all. about best she looks like a low-end diner waitress that probably has dirt under her nails and sucks air through that gap in her teeth....Actually, from some that do know her and interact, she is less than friendly and she is not known to tip, or even help you average Joe with a small favor (thinking of the time she gave the cops the biggest round because she didn't want to stop and give info that could help find a stalker murderer........I always thought that was incredibly blew away any feeeling I had for her talent or character

2178 days ago

Jibbly Biggens    

Oh my goodness! She reminds me of those undead characters on world of warcraft, all gaunt and anatomical. Seriously, she could be a double for the designers!

2178 days ago

patty cake    

She looks sick. Her neurosis has taken its toll. I cant wait for Lourdes to write her book on what a psycho mom she was.

2178 days ago


She looks horrible! Like a freak!

2178 days ago



2178 days ago

Bob Dole rules    

She may be a very talented singer/performer no argument there but in terms of looks I've always thought she had the body of a man. Remember "Man Hands "on Seinfeld? Well Madonna's got Man arms and Man legs. Never understood why people found her sexy. I don't.

2178 days ago


Well...looks like hollywood is back to pushing anorexia...between madonna, posh, 90210 girls, and whoever else...truly they look sick (as in gross looking) and need help.

2178 days ago


To get arms like that, she HAS to be using steroids.....uck!! She looks SO OLD! And I can say that...I'm 53 myself!

2178 days ago
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