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WWE Star Offers the Plane Truth

10/4/2008 6:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oft-troubled WWE star Jeff Hardy is finally opening up about the flight he got kicked off of a few weeks ago.

The Baltimore Sun caught up with Hardy at a promotional appearance in Maryland when asked about the airplane incident saying, "I had been drinking a lot, I'm not gonna lie. I guess I was stumbling boarding the plane. I then was asleep when security told me to get off the plane."

Security mentioned he was too drunk to fly. Hardy then "cooperated with security and left the plane."

No further trouble was reported and he was not punished by the WWE. Crazy is as crazy does.

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Shame for TMZ this turned into such a non-story, but good for Jeff that nothing came of it, otherwise he'd have been out of a job.

2175 days ago


TMZ will you guys get off this poor kid already! is it a crime to drink if your over 21? no. so who cares? the guy got drunk and fell asleep its not like he hurt anyone or got violent. why dont you find something positive to say for a change.

2174 days ago

Rick Roll    

Do people read the posts? They (TMZ) are showing his side of the story and that is it. It is not a positive or negative look at Jeff Hardy, it is filling people in who are interested with the story with all the information. Read before you bash!

2174 days ago


Try reading the last line again Rick Roll. Calling someone crazy isn't bashing?

2174 days ago


Big deal, the guy was drinking. I saw that Airline show on A&E, it seems like 99% of the time they kick off people for no reason. Yeah they might be a lil drunk but it's not like they're flying the f-wording plane. I understand kicking off a loud a-hole but most the time it's just some pissed of guy making $6 an hour working at the airport that wants to make someone have a crappy day, just because they are losers with worthless jobs.

2174 days ago


JEFF HARDY is a joke to WWE and to the world he needs to be taken out back and shot so we dont have to hear about his pathetic attempts to get publicity he is a drug addict and alcoholic he is drunk and drugged more times than he is sober

2174 days ago

Joe Mama    

at least he did'nt try to start trouble. he could've kicked their ass, but then ended up in jail.

2174 days ago


i wanna get crunk with him!

2174 days ago

Chantal Scott    

Tmz I like your show , but lay off Jeff Hardy Jeff is a grown man he is alowed to have a drink every once and a while.

2173 days ago


he is sexy

2171 days ago

evil gurl    

he can d0 whatever he wants.he is really sexy,wh0 are you cm punk.NO,IM SURE YOUVE HAD A DRINK BEFROE,RIGHT!he had a drink,and hot a lil drunk.he wasnt bugging anyone,fakehollywood...all i can say to you is ur WRONG!and ur....ya know,im just going...meh!id get crunk with him to!hmmmmmmph....

1437 days ago

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