Hamster Day Afternoon

10/5/2008 12:20 PM PDT

Hamster Day Afternoon

Al Pacino may be a vicious killer on screen, but in real life he fiercely protects the rodents, much to the dismay of Beverly D'Angelo.

Our spies served up a classic for us yesterday. Location: PETCO, West Hollywood. Event: Hamster Race. Participants: Five hamsters, as well as the Pacino/D'Angelo twins.

A crowd watched breathlessly as the hamsters were each placed on a plastic track. The critters were somewhat disoriented as the crowd cheered them on. This began to alarm Pacino, who worried out loud the hamsters "are gonna have a heart attack." D'Angelo fired back, "Relax, they're just hamsters!" Now we know why it didn't work out -- they even bicker during hamster races.

In the end, the twins finished second and third. There were whispers that the winner could have been a ringer, because the little girl brought her rodent to PETCO in what looked like a professional pink and green striped carrying case.

Catch Pacino in his latest release, "Scent of a Hamster."