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Babwa Has to Bwing the Hammer Down

10/7/2008 1:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sherri Shepherd looked for all the world like she was going to smack up Elisabeth Hasselbeck on "The View" this morning. Barbara Walters stopped her. Unfortunately. Discuss.
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Just because someone is black and suuport Obama doesn't mean they are doing it strictly for race. That would be like saying Elizabeth or a white person would only support Bush or McCain because they are white..... sad that people are so stupid to think such things! GET A BRAIN!

2170 days ago


I think it's racism the way Whoopie and the heifer gang up on Liz and denounce a white man.

2170 days ago


Oh please! The women on this damn show make me want to hurl. Sherry, you point a finger at me, you need to butter it as you will be eating it!! For someone that has 5 abortions I really don't think Sherry is in any position to critizise anyone. She is an idiot. Of course she doesn't like what Elizabeth has to say....................she is right! I guess the truth stings a little.

Barbara Walters needs to shut the f!ck up. She should have written her "tell all" and retired!

No one on that show will alow Elizabeth to talk and when she tries to state her case, they ALL start talking at once. There is nothing that shows uneducated more than someone that does not "listen", when someone is speaking. Whoopi and Sherry did not graduate from high school!

2170 days ago


Sherri is just mad that her husband left her for another woman and she has to support them.
She is dumb you can give your point of view without acting so ghetto.
She is a bad example as a black woman.That is the reason people think all of us are angry.
Elizabeth is very annoying but she has the right to give her opinion.
Sherri is very low class.

2170 days ago


Wow! I didn't realize how many dumbos read TMZ. If you think Barack Obama is a terrorist, time for a head check. He is a brilliant, smart and caring leader that is will to take over the mess George Bush and his administration has made of this country. Iraq? Afghanistan? Need I say more. Idiiots, go vote for McCain and I bet your crappy little house won't be yours much longer!

2170 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Ladies, ladies, ladies . Sherri , you use to be cute , dumb and cute, now you sound mean, dumb and mean. Whoopeer : I was one of the fans who paid to go see your movies, had to go alone , no one else wanted to see them, you were so funny back then before the rage took over and you became cousin IT. Elishabeth, NO BRAIN with a big mouth. BABA ; you are rambling again, no one cares what you say anyone. sorry.

2170 days ago

Sherri is an Idiot    

Sherri Shepard is a dumbass. William Ayers killed people. Why is she defending him? Obama and Ayers have been friends for a while. Obama started his political career in Ayer's living room. Ayers has never been sorry for his actions. Ayers would be in jail if it wasn't for a technicality. Obama wouldn't be running for president if Ayers had went to jail.

2170 days ago

Deport All Illegals    

First of all do your research idiots. Obama is not friends with Bill Ayers. In fact they haven't seen each other in years. Even idiot Palin got the hint when many news outlets, both liberal and conservative, pointed out her over exagerration and lie. Now she is toning down the Ayers connection and going after the Wright connection. My concern is, why is the McCain/Palin camp slinging this crap around instead of talking about the real issues. All the Republicans can do at this point is sling mud and rumours. They still have not told us how their policies would differ from Bush's.

2170 days ago


I am not tuning in anymore - yeah, right :) Really, all the bickering (which they are ALL good at), is starting to wear on me. Not much different watching them, than to see all the negative ads O'Bambi and McSame are throwing at one another ...
God, help us get through just one more month ...

2170 days ago


Elizabeth Hasselback is what passes for intelligent in conservative circles. She is a silly, sound bite regurgitator. Go to Fox, Elizabeth. No one will miss you.

2170 days ago


Elisabeth should have said as a Christian I must forgive McCain for his adultery just like I forgive you for killing all your babies Sherri. God will judge you both. Whether I believe in that crap or not it would have made EXCELLENT TV. Oh and yes Sherri the world is round.

2170 days ago

View Hater    

Sherri, Whoopi and Joy have to be some of the dumbest women on daytime tv, and that's saying something. Whoopi asking McCain about the return of slavery had to be one of the low-lights of all time. These women are as stupid as they are shameless.

2170 days ago


Notice they are all speaking up and fighting...ALL ABOUT RATINGS..Saving their Jobs...EVERYONE TURN THEM OFF AND THE WILL ALL GO AWAY..We are making them rich.

2170 days ago


First, I am 100% behind Obama and I am white. So do not assume Sherri only backs him because he is half black. Is it too hard to belive that we actually share his vision. Second, Elizabeth is acting like the majority or the Republican party, they know they are going to loose and they are not going to do it with dignity. The more Obama moves ahead the more masty and personal the attacks on him become.

2170 days ago


They are jealous of Elizabeth.
They are older..
They have men that they have to support.
They are fat.
Since being on the show she gave birth twice,look are her body compare to theirs.

2170 days ago
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