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Polar Bears, Wolves and Moose? Oh My!

10/8/2008 4:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gotta give her points for trying to go green with her ECO friendly canvas bag -- although the tag line, "Real Women Hunt Moose" could use some work.Sarah Palin
Guess when it comes to certain sneaky, and notoriously vicious animals, nothing makes a woman feel more alive than a well-placed bullet between the old antlers. So much for the PETA vote.


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wtf is that on her hand? a bandage?

2171 days ago


she's proud to be a killer - good for her.


2171 days ago


You guys have gone Palin crazy. Apparenttly Obama and Biden are not doing or saying anything goofy. Lets see some candid shots of the other side.

2171 days ago


I'm really confused,,,,Just what is it that makes her a racist???? Is it just because she is running against Obama who happens to be black????

2171 days ago


I live in a state that kills deer like rats. We trap them in cages and the cops come by the morning and fire a bolt gun in their heads. Did I mention that we have a Democrat for a governor. I sent a letter to PETA about it and they didn't care one bit. So get off your high horse life goes on. Lets worry about we are going to make our house payments and the jobs going to India. I think we are going to have to resort to killing moose because we won't be able to afford meat in the stores.

2171 days ago


45. Yeah I have to say as a die hard Repulican and vegetarian McCain lost my vote picking her simply because no compassionate person hunts. How hard is it for a human with a GUN To shoot a defensless animal? Doe sit make these little people w/ no self esteem feel big? The only justified hunting is if it is your ONLY source of food.

Posted at 3:59PM on Oct 8th 2008 by Kim

Oh you are going to vote for Obama...who has NO experience, isn't proud to be an American, and will most likely run our country even further into the ground because she hunts? Please just don't vote at all then.

2171 days ago


#45 do know that is how all meat-eaters get their food? By animals that were killed and/or hunted. Maybe Sarah does eat the moose after she's hunted it. One moose could feed a lot of people. Not everyone likes to eat their veggies.

2171 days ago


I'll be so glad when this election is over and Sarah, the holier-than-thou female disgrace can go "North to Alaska" where she belongs!

2171 days ago


Most women could not kill what they eat. We have a very sensitive side. We also have a very big sense of compassion. We cant watch things suffer usually!

2171 days ago


If she is the best thing the GOP has to offer, I feel sorry for all republicans out there!

She would fail in elementary school: does not work and play well with others (never presents ideas, only attacks others), cannot answer simple questions (watch last week's debate), cannot form thoughts into words (watch any "interview" she has given). If that was my kid, the school would throw his ass in special ed, LOL.

But apparently, the GOP pundits believe that having a special ed candidate for VP will bring this country together, cuz she's just so gosh darn "folksy".

2171 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

She's adorable. She's charming / disarming, She's quick , and witty, She's nobody's fool. Her voice rings clear, she has a point of view. She would gladly serve our country and she is someone we can be proud of . Uh, what more do you want ?

2171 days ago

Get Over Yourselves    

The thing that really gets me about the way that McCain is running is how he is counting on the ignorance of certain citizens of this great country.

This woman is a wolf in sheeps clothing and I find it absolutely absurb how people are supporting her or that bigot McCain after the outright smear campain they went on this week on Barak Obama. If someone in the audience yelled "Kill Him" about McCain at an Obama rally then all hell would break loose.

Stop buying into these two crooked bigots America! We deserve better than this. I'm not saying Obama is the answer to everything, but he is certainly a step in the right direction. Don't believe the hype! These people were closely tied into a system that has gotten us into the out of control spiral we ALL as a NATION have to deal with. Why on earth would you put your trust in either of them. THEY DO NOT HAVE OUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART!

McCain loves talking about being a VET, but I find it funny how the VETERANS who've fought proudly for this country think that he is a JOKE.

Plain and simple, the McCain party is hoping that this thing gets real ugly. He's hoping that the ignorance that is lying under the surface in this country will bust open and that he'll win this election due to he and that Psychopath stirring the racial pot.

Think about it people! I know you're smarter than that! Don't elect someone into office who thinks we are stupid. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE AND IF WE WANT TO SAVE THIS GREAT LAND WE NEED TO SEEK HER OUT. THE MCCAIN PARTY WOULD BRING THE END OF EVERYTHING AS WE KNOW IT AND I FOR ONE WILL NOT BE VOTING FOR HIM.

2171 days ago


Why does she have a bandage on her right hand (hand she's waving with) ??

2171 days ago


Are you people serious...maybe you should worry about your country as much as you worry about the freakin overpopulated animals around here such as deer..etc...god forbid one of those overpopulated animals runs into you or your family's cars when they are driving down the road...your going to worry about that...SERIOUSLY people...wake up...our country is in trouble and you guys are worried about a stupid bag and someones personal me shes a real person with real person issues...not somebody hiding crap and making face...GOD BLESS a strong woman...we need more woman like her to help run this country...We need less woman like all the ones talking crap to have freedom of speach...I dont see you up for running or anywhere close to it...let her do her thing and get off it...PRIORITIES PEOPLE...

2171 days ago


Say what you want to about her, but at least she isn't a sleezy snake in the grass like Biden.

2171 days ago
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