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Britney Flashes Her Toothy Smile

10/9/2008 5:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking like a remnant of her 2007 self, Britney went for ice cream on Thursday. I luv me some chocolate sprinklers, y'all!

We can at least be thankful she's not traipsing barefoot through gas stations in Malibu.


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citizen kope    

and this comment is for the person who keeps on stalking me about taking up for britney. this person has been extremely verbally abusive and threatening towards me. and i also want to warn others about this monster. her comments are very offensive and hurtful. i have no beef with this jackass, but apparently they have one with me. you are such a coward that you can't even use your own name. leave me alone. i am entitled to my opinion just as you are yours. at least i have a spiritual life which is more than i can say for you. you think that it's ok to keep on attacking a wounded heart? i have been abused enough. i am seeking help for my issues, and you should get some help for yours as well. your lectures serve only yourself. and since you are abusive towards me, i can only deduce that you are also abusive to others as well. and verbal abusers, such as yourself are also physical abusers as well. i will always defend britney. just as you will always abuse her and myself. she's not going to go away. you know what they say, you truly love the person that you hate the most. you're more screwed up than me and britney put together. go back to hell and tell satan that you have to stay because heaven doesn't allow abusers inside. quit harassing, threatening, and abusing me. you obviously have some deep emptiness and self image issues since you feel the need to beat up on people. your insecurities are driving you to be an insensitive jerk to me and others. now, go and take your anti psychotic meds, you really need them. maybe a vacation at a nice psych ward would do you some good. no one else needs to be subjected to your self righteous and sanctimonious bull s h i t. you like the sound of your own voice too much, and trust me honey, it's not all that good. take care. and please, please get some help for your abusive behavior and unneeded hostility towards me and others. for the last time, stop abusing me. i am a person with feelings just like everyone else, but your anger problem blinds you from seeing that. may God bless you.

2204 days ago


Its seems Britneys comeback/career is more important to her and her family than recovery. If she truly wanted to get better and have normal life w/ her kids she needs to move back to Louisianna & out of lime light.

2204 days ago

citizen kope    

thank you #29. i am from louisiana as well. and we southerners are the most hospitable, charming and polite people that you will ever meet. louisiana is a fun, laid back state. where we know how to treat visitors.

2204 days ago

30 something    

That was a low blow. She has ice cream in her mouth!!!! Meany.

2204 days ago


OOPS! So sorry Brit, heres your teeth back hun, thanks for letting me borrow them


2204 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

31. Its seems Britneys comeback/career is more important to her and her family than recovery. If she truly wanted to get better and have normal life w/ her kids she needs to move back to Louisianna & out of lime light.

Posted at 1:29PM on Oct 10th 2008 by Kim

You are such an idiot. By your "logic", every celebrity who has children should give up his or her career and take themselves out of the public eye in order to give them a "normal life".

Actually, your true colors are showing: you don't care what celebs in general do with their children; you just want to dump on Britney Spears. You are sick and pathologically obsessed with her, and you can't control your seething hatred of her.

This applies to all of you who criticize Britney Spears but who don't give the same criticism to other celebrities who have children. Get psychological help now, before it's too late!

2203 days ago


She may have ice cream in her mouth but what the hell is going on with the rest of her? She looks like a 40+ year old woman with a slouched back and an uncanny inability to dress herself. She's not in elementary school anymore and should maybe wear some adult clothes for a change. By the way, many of you seem to think that she is well on her way to being "cured'. There is no cure for mental illness, it can only be managed and the drugs they use don't work for everyone, don't work for very long, and have very serious side-effects that result in repeated personality changes and mood swings. She will never be the way she was when she was 19 again. She also may never be able to take care of herself again. I'm betting that we'll be seeing her in the strip clubs if she ever is declared competent again. That's obviously where her videos are going.

2199 days ago
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